Hugh Jackman Bleeds Amidst Live Show While Playing Wolverine, Blames Ryan Reynolds 

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are back at it again with their parodic feud. It all began ever since Ryan Reynolds began to pressurize Hugh Jackman to play as Wolverine in the Deadpool movies. Hugh Jackman declined, resulting in a string of amusing exchanges and pranks aimed at each other. 

Hugh Jackman, during his most recent live show, decided to play as Wolverine and incidentally got a cut on his hand while performing. Funnily enough, Jackman decided to post about it online blaming the incident on Ryan Reynolds. 

Hugh Jackman takes to Instagram to Blame Ryan Reynolds

Surprising fans, Hugh Jackman posted a picture of his injured hand on Instagram with the caption,”The first time I’ve played #wolverine… and, actually bled. Clearly, it’s @vancityreynolds fault.” 

Soon enough, Ryan Reynolds replied to the post. “I just don’t think you’ve been practicing enough. ⚔️,” was his retort.

Based on comments under the post, Hugh Jackman routinely mentions Ryan Reynolds and Wolverine during his shows, but he impersonated Wolverine in that particular show. It was also revealed that he sustained the injury by accidentally slashing his finger on a cymbal.

Fans request Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine again

Fans request Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine again
Hugh Jackman has been the face of Wolverine for 17 years

When someone says Wolverine, the rugged face of Hugh Jackman pops into everybody’s mind. This might as well be due to the fact that he played Wolverine for seventeen long years. 

Fans still want him to return as Wolverine and this was made evident by the thousands of comments under his Instagram posts asking him to come back as Wolverine. Some even asked if he would actually appear as Wolverine in the next Deadpool film.

“WOLVERINE COME BACK TO US,” was @jacklewinger ‘s response.

“Soooo you are Wolverine again? In the next Deadpool? Is that what you are saying Hugh!!!,” @aircashtro wrote.

The probability of the Wolverine and Deadpool appearing in the same movie is pretty low as Disney has joined with Fox. The X-men movie franchise has also been ended upon the launch of Dark Phoenix. However, Deadpool movies are anticipated to keep coming.

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