Hulk vs. Juggernaut: Marvel Reveals Who Is Stronger !

Currently there is an argument going on among the fans worldwide on who is stronger Juggernaut or the Hulk in the Marvel Universe.
In the comics Juggernaut # 2, the Marvel heavyweight character just found himself throwing down with a major rival for the title of being Marvel’s strongest character. And even though he does possess the strength and the capability of being the most strong character and winning narrowly against Hulk but there is also a surprisingly humble moment from the former X-Men villain that quietly answers a very old Marvel question.
During the most recent fight, the Juggernaut is forced to admit that he is not just as strong as the Hulk, but then how does Juggernaut come out as the clear winner?

During their face off in the deep woods, the Immortal Hulk is able to very casually and effortlessly throw Juggernaut around as if he is some toy. And it is obvious that no one single punch is enough to down the Juggernaut in one shot, so it is clear that he can’t keep up with all the power that the Hulk is capable of putting out.
Finally, D- Cell uses her power to control the Hulk’s momentum and eventually slows down his movements to a crawl.
She had of course used powers before against the Juggernaut and D- Cell is completely shocked to discover just how much more powerful the Hulk is compared to the Juggernaut. D- Cell is barely able to hold the Hulk in one place and she comments that he is way far stronger than the Juggernaut, something that even Cain Marko agrees with.

The always usually cheerful Juggernaut has always claimed that nothing can stop him when he is in his true form and gets going, But the Hulk has always been one of the few people who is capable of standing up to him and with the pair coming to blows many times over the years. But the Juggernaut has also been trying to centre himself somewhat in Juggernaut and start making up for some of the destruction he has caused across the globe,
That even includes at least some humility as the former villain seems to himself admit that Hulk is actually stronger than him. Although Juggernaut did end up winning their  confrontation and it was possible only through the help of D-Cell and the gamma-siphoning technology of Damage Control, and not just through his strength alone itself.

It does not really help the fact that the Juggernaut is going up a very different kind of Hulk than he has ever faced before. The two traded some dangerous blows while Hulk was in his amalgamated Professor Hulk form during the ‘90s- Peter David run on the character and Juggernaut had to fully embraced his connection to Cyttorak during their fight in “ World War Hulk.”

Juggernaut is now facing a cruel and clever version of the character in the form of the Devil Hulk, star of Immortal Hulk. And this is a version of the Hulk who does not know how to hold punches and is more than willing to win a battle through more brutal tactics.
There was very little that the Juggernaut could actually do that time to hurt the Hulk and save knocking him down when he is defenseless and is locking him into a cage; which as well the Hulk easily escapes while breaking down the Juggernaut’s spirit.

On the other hand there is no denying that the inherent strength of the Juggernaut and of course there have been versions of him over the years that could be possible argued are more powerful than the Hulk such as the Trion Juggernaut, it is somewhat rewarding to see this ever long debate over the strength of the two settled so easily.

Even while being involved in the middle of a powerful one on one combat battle, the Juggernaut had reached a point where he could freely have a conversation and even openly admit that Hulk is much stronger than him.

It just means that he will have to clever enough to defeat him in the near future and his team- up with D- Cell and Damage Control just proves that with the right team, their difference in the strength can be seen very clearly.

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