Hunger Games Amusement Park: A Reality In China

The decision for Hunger Games Themed Park

The worldwide theme park market is a growing resource of interest for a major movie studio. Disneyland and Universal Studios are the significant gamers in the market. Lionsgate is aiming to stake its claim when it opens its very first interior theme park for Hunger Games and Twilight. It is the firm’s most famed movie franchises. 

The Lionsgate Entertainment World amusement park in Hengqin, China opens on July 31. It has rides, shops, restaurants, and attractions themed after the firm’s highly-successful films.


Jenefer Brown Speaks On The Park

The decision for Hunger Games Themed Park
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“From running away the capital to enduring the psychological difficulties of Dauntless. From handling a newborn vampire army with Jacob and the wolf pack. We can’t wait for fans to step into the globes of their favourite movies to create their experiences.” Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate’s elderly vice head of state of Global Live said in a statement.


Attractive Rides In the Hunger Games Theme Park

Attractive Rides In the Hunger Games Theme Park
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The Hunger Games followers can delight in several games. Mockingjay Flight, a 3D movement simulator that takes bikers on a hovercraft trip with the Capitol, which has in a vast entrance hall area. It is complete with restaurants and fashion outlets in the style of the movies. They have included Twilight by recreating the town of Forks as well as two trips surrounding Twilight. 

  • Twilight Saga: Midnight Flight has riders take an exhilarating motorcycle ride through the woods. 
  • Twilight Legend: Bella’s Journey loosely complies with protagonist Bella’s tale throughout the films, including her relationship with Edward Cullen.

Some films that were not as preferred with Western audiences located success in China, as well as have been in the park. Gods of Egypt is the basis of a Virtual Reality roller coaster that depicts an “impressive battle in between excellent and also wicked,” while Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Getaway Strategy is right into a jailbreak getaway room for as much as 20 people.


Lionsgate Amusement World will open up on July 31, and also the firm intends to have 1.5 million site visitors to the 22,000 square-meter parks in its very first year of operations.

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