Hunger Games: Weirdest Rules Every Tribute Has To Follow

The Hunger Games are pretty awesome from a distance. But it is not the case if you are a Hunger Games tribute yourself. Besides there are some really bizarre rules you have to follow.

The Grooming Is Mandatory

Katniss Everdeen

The tribute system signifies absolute oppression. But it is broadcasted as a national sport that has to be made believable and lovable to watch. So to do that, the Hunger Games officials make it real fancy. The tributes are groomed and paraded across the capitol and in shows and interviews like reality TV stars. The tributes have no say in this matter. Whatever event or activity the game-makers come up with, every tribute must follow without question. It is at the end of each grooming period that a tribute is assigned a score. the score denotes how much the audiences loved her and how far the game-makers will go to keep the tribute alive once the Hunger Games begin. The Hunger Games is more than just survival. It is basically a Big brother like event where the audience and sponsors indirectly choose who lives and who dies.

No One Is Allowed To Move In The Very First Minute Of The Game

The Hunger Games

This part of the game is weird but practical. It takes time for the tributes to adjust and get their thoughts in order. When you spent most of your time wooing people in the grooming period, to enter that thought process of a killer is not easy. So the first minute of the game, all tributes must stand still on a platform. There are landmines scattered all over the field that will explode if someone even drops something as small as a wooden ball in the first minute. The explosions are deadly. You can be killed if you are even at the very fringe of the blast radius. Once the first minute is over, it is every man for himself.

Cannibalism Is Banned

Katniss & Peeta

The Hunger Games are a truly horrific event. They are the most brutal form of oppression a victor could use to terrify the ones it had conquered. the Capitol literally spent months to recruit children from the districts who would then torture and kill each other. But sometimes, things go too far even for the Hunger Games. There was once a Hunger Games tribute called Titus. He was extremely violent and aggressive. After killing each enemy tribute, he would rip their hearts out and eat it live. Apparently that is where the audiences drew the line. The game-makers had to literally censor Titus’ heart-eating sessions. Mind you the Hunger Games is an event that does not even censor brutal murders! He was later killed of in an avalanche to ensure he did not win.

Staying In The Outskirts Is Prohibited

Source: Lionsgate

If you are given an arena to fight in, you can use the entire area within the arena. That is generally the rule in any sport. But the Hunger Games are different. They are basically a popularity contest. The more active and violent a tribute is, the more the views. But there are ways to game the system. Haymitch, Katniss’ mentor, was the one who came up with a pretty clean but boring strategy to win the game. He stayed near the very outskirts of the battle arena right near the force-fields. That is how he won. So when Katniss unintentionally tried to do the same, the game-makers created an artificial forest fire to drive her away from the arena boundaries.

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