Hunter Zolomon Becomes “The Greatest Flash in the Multiverse”

In DC Comics during the events of “Flash War,” Hunter Zolomon/Zoom reveals his ability to manipulate both the Strength and the Sage Forces to his will. This ability makes Zoom an immensely powerful adversary for Barry Allen during the storyline. The plot also seems to involve Wally West. The villain then somehow disappears but always seems to make a return when the Flash least expects it. The Zoom shows up in The Flash #79, where Zolomon is back with a bang. Zoom only wishes to prove one thing, and that is the fact that he’s the most potent speedster in the multiverse.

The Flash #80 Plot

The Flash #80 Plot
Life Doesn’t Give Us Purpose. We Give Life Purpose. -Barry Allen


The Flash #80 begins with Barry facing off against Black Flash as Zolomon kidnaps Steadfast (the Still Force avatar). Zoom wants the Still Force avatar’s powers but is unable to accomplish his goal without Steadfast abilities. Steadfast refuses to use his powers at first. Later Barry arrives on the scene only to be beaten badly by Zolomon. Steadfast ends up interfering using his powers to prevent Zolomon from snapping Barry’s neck. Zoom takes this as an opportunity to take Steadfast Powers. Zolomon reveals that he’s tapped into the “Forever Force,” an immensely powerful entity over which the various forces are vying for control. Zolomon then declares himself, “The Greatest Flash in the Multiverse,” which has been one of his primary goals.

Barry Allen’s Uncertain Fate

Barry Allen’s Uncertain Fate
May the Speed Force Be With You!


Zolomon uses his powers to attract the attention of Black Flash purposely. Zoom’s goal is to kill Black Flash to prove himself as a hero. However, just as the monster lunges at Zolomon from behind, Barry intervenes, getting skewered. “Barry, what have you done,” Zolomon explains as he looks on at the carnage.

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The issue leaves Barry’s fate unclear. Barry’s speed healing has hit a wall. As a result, the injury could very well be fatal though The Flash #81 teaser tells us that Barry isn’t going anywhere. The next issue may team up the Flash and zoom against Black Flash though it is unclear on how Allen will survive the brutal attack. But Zolomon, being Flash’s greatest enemy, won’t just let him disappear in thin air.

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