“I am because you are”: Tom Cruise’s Perfect Speech at PGA Awards Was So Damn Flawlessly Poised it Broke the Internet

This year’s PGA (Producer’s Guild of America) awards witnessed Tom Cruise receiving a career achievement award. But apart from all that took place in the night, one thing that stood out was the actor’s acceptance speech. Fans are in awe and have since expressed how impressive Cruise’s words were. He ended his speech with an African philosophy which was the perfect way to end it. This moment was definitely the highlight of the award show. The philosophy was about the idea of humanity and how it was “plural” rather than “singular”. Fans took to Twitter and showered their adoration for the Top Gun actor.

Tom Cruise’s Acceptance Speech Leaves Internet in Awe and Admiration

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Apart from giving blockbuster movies, Tom Cruise is also an excellent producer. And proving so, the actor received the David O Selznick achievement award last Saturday at the Producer Guild of America award. For those who might not know, it is a lifetime achievement award in motion pictures. Although the award is itself evidence of Cruise’s ability, however, his acceptance speech is what stood out the most.  Cruise made a beautiful speech on the stage by expressing the idea of humanity which he came to learn during his time in Africa.

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

While accepting the speech he shared the African philosophy about humanity. According to his words, the philosophy called “Ubuntu” was about the idea that humanity is based not on a singular concept but instead a “plural” one. He further explained the idea was basically,  “I am because we are”. And taking that, he wrapped up the speech by thanking everyone with,” I am because you are”.

It was so beautifully done that fans flooded social media with praises for the Mission: Impossible actor. One fan tweeted back at the speech,

Many such tweets came up with compliments for Cruise

The actor left such a good impression among the fans that his speech could be one of the biggest highlights of the 34th annual PGA awards.

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More About the David O Selznick Award

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The David O Selznick award is considered one of the most prestigious awards of its kind. It is awarded to those recognized for their excellent work in motion pictures. As for Tom Cruise, he does not seem to be lacking award nominations. The Top Gun: Maverick comeback was undoubtedly a very successful one. He even received an Oscar nomination for the movie. This prestigious award’s former winners include big names like Steven Spielberg, Barbara Broccoli, etc. Cruise did not attend many of the awards functions since the release of his latest film. However, this one he attended and did not fail to give a most amazing and memorable acceptance speech of its kind.

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