“I am going to kick your a**”: Gordon Ramsay Couldn’t Control His Anger after Daughter Tilly Humiliated His Cooking, Said Jamie’s Italian is Better

If cooking is an art, then Gordon Ramsay is considered Picasso. The celebrity chef has been in the industry for more than a decade and has hosted multiple cooking reality shows. We know Ramsay best from Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, and his keen interest in profanity. However, recently in 2022, the culinary king made headlines for getting into a feud with another celebrity chef James Oliver, who had allegedly stolen Ramsay’s recipes. Ramsay opened his new Bread Street Kitchen & Bar at the location where Oliver’s restaurant used to be, which reignited the decade-old feud between the chefs.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay gets a mysterious call on Capital Breakfast

In a recent interview with Capital Breakfast, the culinary king’s cooking was compared with James Oliver’s, and the was caller none other than his daughter. His daughter, Tilly said Jamie’s Italian is better than Ramsay’s recipes. Ramsay lost his temper mid-interview and started swearing at his daughter. 

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Gordon Ramsay gets a mysterious call on Capital Breakfast

Gordon Ramsay recently joined Capital Breakfast in January 2023, days ahead of his new show release, Next Level Chef. The interview was conducted while welcoming different callers to share their unusual food combinations with the culinary king. The celebrity chef was asked to rate the food combinations by Roman Kemp, one of the hosts of the show. 

Gordon Ramsay gets disgusted by the caller’s unusual food concoction

Gordon Ramsay was having a fun time throughout the interview until he kept getting a call from this mysterious woman, who was quite keen on sharing her unusual concoction. Ramsay was connected with the caller who introduced herself as Sophie and wanted to talk about her “Vanilla ice cream with pickles and crushed prawn cocktail crisps” combo. 

Somehow Sophie’s combination seemed to have disgusted Ramsay when he responded “Sophie, come on… Valentine’s night is just round the corner. You can’t eat like that”. But the fun part started when even Sophie responded to Ramsay’s disgust by comparing his cooking with James Oliver’s. 

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Gordon Ramsay gets pranked by his daughter Tilly 

The mysterious woman named Sophie seemed taken aback when Ramsay replied to her concoction with disgust. Sophie responded by comparing Ramsay’s cooking to James Oliver’s, in the memory of the two celebrity chef’s decade-old feud. Sophie dropped the mic with her savage reply “Well actually Gordon, I went to your restaurant and I have to say, the steak was a little bit chewy, and you weren’t even in the kitchen”. The caller went on

I would definitely get better food and service at Jamie’s Italian, I think you should maybe stick to your special scrambled eggs.”

Now, hold up. Did she say “special scrambled eggs”? Seems yes. 

But somehow Gordon Ramsay seems distracted enough by the comparison of Jamie’s Italian, to even realize who this mysterious caller is. So, Roman Kemp, went on to take charge and ask Sophie “Sophie, just quickly, who was it that when you were a kid used to serve you those special scrambled eggs?” A little hint to good old Ramsay never hurt anyone. 

The mysterious woman named Sophie responded, “It was my dad, hey dad!

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay gets prank called by his daughter Tilly

After a moment of silence, Ramsay realized this mysterious caller Sophie was none other than his daughter, Tilly. Ramsay, therefore, lost himself in the wave of laughter and said “Is that Tilly? I’m going to kick your a**

It was overall an all-fun and no-tears episode with Gordon Ramsay on Capital Breakfast, with Roman Kemp and other hosts, joined by Tilly, for a little prank. 

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