‘I Can Wear And Do Whatever I Want’: Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico Slams Trolls for Calling Her Too Old to Wear a Bikini With Another Skimpy Outfit

Baywatch star, Donna D’Errico, has decided to ignore what her haters have to say. As a celebrity, you will have to ignore a lot of things that society throws your way, be it the way you choose to dress or how you are faring in the industry. Everything is just a topic they can use to poke fun at you. That is the harsh reality of show business. But you have to be mature in how you deal with it. And the Baywatch star has perfectly shown how to do that when the talk of the town gets too toxic.

Donna D’Errico says you’re never too old to wear a bikini

Donna D’Errico shuts down her trolls

Having shared a snapshot of herself in a pink string bikini on Instagram, a lot of people shamed her, saying that she was “too old to wear a bikini“. But the 54-year-old couldn’t care less. She has never been one to shy away from sharing the pictures she wants to, even if she’s in swimwear for some of them.

Something similar happened on the 4th of July when she shared a picture of herself wearing a red, white & blue bikini. Even on that day, a lot of people stepped forward to show her how she should act. But D’Errico was not one to be fazed. And she captioned her last post as follows,

Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red white & blue bikini because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate,’

She truly has a way of dealing with haters.

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An actor’s struggle with ‘self-image’ issues

Donna D'Errico
Even Donna D’Errico has had her fair share of struggles with “self image” issues

But even Donna D’Errico has admitted that she has had her issues dealing with everyone’s comments.

She has shared photos of herself wearing swimwear before as well, like a photo in a white string bikini and heels in April 2021.

But she admits that she still has to deal with her self-confidence and her self-image. When she posted a photo of herself in a wet white T-shirt and jeans, she said, “I can pose for photos and manage to look smoldering, but in real life I’m very self-conscious.”

But she followed that up with a message of optimism, saying, “Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” Words to live by.

Trolls have a very adverse impact on people’s mental health, not only when they troll how a celebrity looks. People’s attacks on their failure impact their mental health the wrong way.

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But celebrities learn how to deal with them. And they do it in style.

Donna D’Errico is acting in a new movie

Donna D'Errico in Baywatch
The Baywatch star is back!

D’Errico, who made a name for herself acting in Baywatch, has had some other notable works to her name as well. She began her stint in Baywatch in 1996, and it lasted till 1998. And her other works include Escape from Area 51, Survive the Game, and Frank and Penelope.

She is also set to appear in the upcoming movie, 116 MacDougal.

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