“I can’t get too big. I have to stay slim”: Jackie Chan Never Agrees to Undergo Drastic Physical Transformation For His Hollywood Movies

Jackie Chan has no equal. It won’t be wrong to call the Around The World in 80 Days star the embodiment of the near-perfect human body. He had started his journey all the way back in the 1970s. Eras have changed. Many actors of that period have left this world. But Jackie Chan is there to stay. All those years, he still manages to maintain himself. Intense workouts and planned-out diets have played their fair share in this. But there is one thing that he has never been up for – a major physical transformation even if it’s for a role.

Jackie Chan will never compromise oh his fitness

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan has maintained his fitness with his sheer will

Jackie Chan has always been particular about his body. The Drunken Master II star has maintained his physique ever since he starred in his first movie in 1970. And it is no small part down to his commitment to having a fit body.

The secret behind Chan’s fit body is a combination of a multitude of factors – a blend of yoga and martial arts, a daily workout routine suited to his body and conducive for performing stunts, a diet that is neither too rigid nor too flexible, and the sheer strength of will.

Safe to say that this formula seems to have paid dividends.

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I can’t get too big

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan has put in a lot of work to stay fit

His methods might seem to be simple, but don’t be fooled. It is definitely not a walk in the park. Some impulses egg him on to grab a bite of oily food and eat ice cream. But the star of Rush Hour fame has combatted those impulses with poise. His busy schedule doesn’t deter him from running for an hour.

That is how particular he is about his physique.

The 68-year-old has more often than not made it clear that he won’t be compromising with his body no matter what the reason. He will never get too big, even if it’s for a role. He once said, “I can’t get too big. I have to stay slim so I can move.” That means radical physical transformations are out of the question.

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Why Jackie Chan won’t change himself?

Jackie Chan in the movie Rush Hour
Jackie Chan has said that he will never change his physique for a role

Jackie Chan’s strong aversion to undergoing intense diets is well known. And there is a big reason behind that. The Shanghai Knights star has made it clear time and again that agility and flexibility have been his priority for quite some time. Being an elite stuntman is his dream. And a lean body is a must for that. That is why he will never consent to a physical transformation even if it’s for a role.

But despite his commitment to having a fit body, he is surprisingly easygoing on his diet. Chan is a proponent of the view that one should not eat without restrictions. He said,

“I believe that if you enjoy every moment of your life, accept yourself and stay young at heart, then you will naturally be healthy.”

But he still makes sure that it doesn’t hamper his physique.

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