“I can’t have anymore s*x , Till marriage”: Kanye West Makes Another Confession, Reveals the Real Reason Why Kim Kardashian Broke Up With Him

Time passes but Kanye West or Ye never stops making headline after headline. Following the numerous problematic issues he has embroiled himself in, the rapper recently came out with a 2-minute song on Instagram. The lyrics reference almost all of the issues the rapper fell into in the past months. From his relationships to his most controversial takes on the Jewish community and Nazi history, he has included everything. The song is titled ‘Someday We’ll all be Free’.

Ye also suggested his abstinence from s** by mentioning the Bible. And overall the lyrics had a strong influence from the holy book as the Yeezy founder included “god and “Yeshua”. Along the way, West also reveals the reason why his previous partners left him.

Kanye West Reveals Why he is Single Through Lyrics

Kanye West
Kanye West

Recently, Ye or Kanye West uploaded a 2-minute song on his Instagram page. The lyrics are inspired by his recent controversies including religious zealotry remarks and pro-Nazi rhetoric. In the song, he also mentions his abstinence from s** and gives a suggestion as to why his former partners had left him. One of the lines, “And The Bible said  I can’t have anymore sex Till marriage ” clearly showed his dedication to the religion and its dogmas.

Kanye West's Disturbing Instagram post
Kanye West’s Disturbing Instagram post

Another line is,  “I know it’s causes the headlines Why she wanna leave.” This line probably refers to his former wife or partners including the recent Julian Nalú. The model replied that she was “single” after a follower questioned her alliance with a pro-Nazi person on Instagram. As for the song, the lyrics were sung over a sample of Donny Hathaway’s song of the same name.

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Ye’s Problematic and Undying Headline-making Remarks

Kanye West
Kanye West

Out of all of his controversies, Kanye West or Ye’s infamous anti-Semitic tweet about “going death con 3 on Jewish people” was the most prominent one. Following this, the Heartless rapper was publicly called out by various celebrities. And he has been dropped by collaborators such as Balenciaga and Adidas. However recently, West tweeted his support for Balenciaga amid its child exploitation controversy. On the same day, he also tweeted the Swastika symbol under the star of David. The Praise God singer was blocked from the platform immediately for 12 hours. Although the Swastika symbol is linked to the Nazis, however, the full symbol tweeted by Ye was actually the symbol used by an alien S** cult called Raëlian.

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Kanye West
Kanye West

As for his takes on the Nazis and Hitler, West clearly does not shy away from using anti-Semitic remarks. A week ago, the Heartless rapper appeared for an interview on Infowars. He spoke positively about the Nazi leader and made anti-semitic remarks once again without much challenge from the host Alex Jones. West said, “I see good things about Hitler, also.” He further mentioned that he liked the “Nazi” uniform at the end of the clip. Following the Infowars interview, the rapper was criticized by his former friends, collaborators, and fans.

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