“I could get stabbed, I could get shot”: Thor Ragnarok Star Idris Elba Gets Brutally Honest About His Character Stringer Bell

Idris Elba was working as a DJ from Hackney who was having trouble getting acting work when he was cast as ‘Stringer Bell.’ It was a character of a hard-core Baltimore gangster, in the hit series The Wire. He hasn’t turned back since and is even being referred to as the first black ‘James Bond’ now that his new movie is dominating US box office sales. 

He has become a blockbuster fixture in the two decades since The Wire was released. Speaking about working hard for his big break, and how acting helped him get through a “dark, weird junction,” the Suicide Squad actor recently discusses his experiences with The Guardian.

Darkseid in future DCEU films
Actor Idris Elba

The Luther actor admitted to The Guardian that he was “stuck out like a sore thumb” when viewers discovered that he was British while portraying a Baltimore drug dealer on the wildly popular HBO series.

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Most people thought Idris Elba was an American during The Wire

It goes without saying that there are some programs that have ruled the TV industry that has been produced over the past few decades. Look no further than The Wire’s legacy for the ideal illustration that will never go down in history. There is every reason to believe that the series will remain popular for many years to come. It is an iconic show that many viewers have watched multiple times. 

Fans of The Wire continue to learn more about the show’s production, even though filming ended many years ago. For instance, it was made public in 2019 that Idris Elba had a strong reaction when he found out that Stringer Bell, the character he played, would suffer a violent death.

Idris Elba
Idris Elba

And now the actor has recently admitted that while he was on The Wire, many people mistakenly believed he was an American; however, when they realized otherwise, he immediately stood out like a sore thumb. Elba admitted to The Guardian, “I felt more scrutinized. I was enjoying success, but I don’t think I was being pushed or stretched as an actor.”

“I don’t think I was getting roles that were, like, remarkable,” the Suicide Squad actor continued. 

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Prior to this, the 50-year-old actor admitted to Esquire that he “identified” strongly with his character, Stringer Bell, and that it was difficult to let go of him.

And He Says, ‘Nothing is Permanent’

Idris Elba has experienced tremendous success and has accumulated an impressive fortune since his time on The Wire came to an end. Along with his ever-growing fortune, he even enjoyed a revered position in Hollywood. 

He portrayed ‘Stringer Bell’ in the television series The Wire from 2002 to 2004. Though, he was “not happy,” according to the series creator, David Simon, when his character was killed off in the show. He claimed to Associated Press, “people were really starting to discover what a leading man he was.” 

He expressed his feeling of being the underdog in an interview with The Guardian.

“I always had a fear that I would end up like Stringer Bell. I always felt like, damn, this guy was going places, he was f*cking smart, everyone liked him, and he got moped out. I could get run over, I could get stabbed, I could get shot. I could get an illness. Nothing’s permanent.”

Idris Elba

The creator and executive producer of The Wire, David Simon, and Idris Elba had a conversation about Stringer Bell’s demise with The Hollywood Reporter in 2019. When asked why he chose to have Bell pass away, Simon said he was well aware that doing so wouldn’t be well received. In fact, according to him, his wife called him an “idiot” after learning that Bell would pass away.

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For the unlearned,  The Wire had its debut on June 2, 2002, and it ended on March 9, 2008.  The series includes five seasons and 60 episodes.

Source- The Guardian ; Associated Press

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