“I Did Almost Die That Night”- Suspect Who Assaulted Lady Gaga’s Dog, That Had A $500,000 Reward, Captured Again After He Was Released Mistakenly

Lady Gaga, the highly famous American singer has been making headlines for the most bizarre reasons, ranging from the singer’s dogs being kidnapped to her role in the Joker sequel set to release on October 4th, 2024. The transcript of Ryan Fischer’s testimony about battling for his life before a LA County Grand Jury from back in October has now been made public.

Lady Gaga’s dogwalker got shot and robbed in one fell swoop

Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer in the hospital

Ryan Fischer was a former dog walker for Lady Gaga, an Oscar-winning songwriter. In his tearful testimony, Ryan Fischer stated, “You left me bleeding out and gasping for my life. I did almost die that night.

The bullet that tore through Ryan Fischer’s upper right torso caused severe nerve damage, and doctors had to amputate a portion of his lung as it kept collapsing, according to the ex-dogwalker. He claimed that he still has mobility and respiratory problems.

According to Michele Hanisee, a deputy district attorney, Jaylin Keyshawn White received a 4-year prison sentence. James Howard Jackson and the other accused, according to the prosecution, were looking for expensive French bulldogs. There seemed to be no hesitation behind the criminal’s horrendous action as not only did they steal beloved pets from their owner but also risked the loss of life over it as well.

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Lady Gaga lost two of her dogs in the incident

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga with her dogs

The singer confirmed to appear in the next Joker movie, owned three french bulldogs. After losing two of them in the incident, she is left with one named  Asia. Breaking down in tears, Ryan Fischer claimed that Jaylin Keyshawn White and two other attackers identified by prosecutors as alleged shooter James Howard Jackson, 19, and Lafayette Whaley, 28.

Attacked him on a Los Angeles street early last year and stole two of Lady Gaga’s cherished French bulldogs, Gustav and Koji, he has been unable to resume his once-thriving animal care business after this incident. The sheer desperation that the man has had to face is astounding as even his mother did not have enough resources to be able to visit him in court due to the number of losses and credit card debt that the man is going through.

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Ryan Fischer expressed the trauma he went through

Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer

The ex-dogwalker even mentioned that it is not the physical wound that cuts the deepest as he states, “But it’s the mental and emotional trauma you caused that night that’s been much worse.”

As already mentioned above, Ryan Fischer has been facing many challenges such as wealth, his connections to his work and even losing his job as a dog walker. Even after being faced with all that, he states:

“You stole my purpose, and I’ve been lost without it. I will lead a purposeful life that serves others and myself, and that’s my wish for you. My wish for you is the same. After you serve your time, if you want to make amends, find some meaning out of this. Find a life of purpose and serve those around you. That will mean more to me than any sort of time that you serve.”

Ryan Fischer, even after getting shot and robbed, discredited from his job, and facing multiple other issues, only wishes for his perpetrators to find a better life after they are released from prison. The wholesomeness that this ex-dogwalker brings is a testament to how great of a moral standing he has over the low life’s who decided that the value of a man’s life is less than the price of two french bulldogs.

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Source: RollingStone

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