“I didn’t attack you”: Prince William Regrets Beating and Knocking Down Prince Harry, Did Not Want Meghan Markle to Know About Their Fight

By now, everyone is aware of the many revelations shared by Prince Harry in his memoir Spare. The Duke of Sussex did not hold back much even when it came to putting out some of his embarrassing moments. Among all of it, there is one incident where he and his brother Prince William had a quarrel which led to the latter allegedly pushing/knocking him to the ground. According to the younger Prince, his older brother did apologize but despite his warning to not tell Meghan Markle, Prince Harry shared the whole thing with the world.

Prince William’s Warning to His Brother

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William

Being a royal comes with its own set of problems and difficulties. It may seem like they live luxurious lives but like everyone, the royals also have their emotional outbursts. And one such incident happened between Prince Harry and Prince William. According to the former’s recollection of the event in his memoir, things got heated between the two one time, and the Prince Of Wales ended up knocking him down to the kitchen floor.

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Prince Harry
Prince Harry

The older prince probably never thought that the incident would ever be out in the public. Moreover, he had even told Prince Harry to not share anything with Meghan Markle. That did not age well,  the Duke of Sussex revealed to the world. Talk about keeping one’s word! Later he also  defended himself saying,

“I didn’t attack you”

But that was after the Prince of Wales looking regretful for knocking his brother down apologized for his action. The toe brothers have reportedly never interacted after the Sussexes went their way.

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More Revelations in Spare

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Aside from the incident with his brother, Prince Harry has also revealed various other embarrassing memories from his life. He shared that one time his male organs got frostbit during one of his expeditions. And later he had to attend his brother’s (Prince William) wedding while in pain. The duke of Sussex even revealed the story of losing his virginity. According to him, it had been with an older woman.

Moreover, there were other more emotional recollections such as growing up always feeling like the “spare” in comparison to his brother. The duke of Sussex revealed that while in the royal home when he had been younger, he was provided with a much smaller room than his older brother. Such small differences in the treatment of his northern and him eventually made him feel less important from a young age.

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Source: Spare by Prince Harry

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