“I don’t know, I might be gay”: King Charles Was Reportedly Avoiding Princess Diana To Have S-x After Prince Harry’s Birth, Called A F—king Animal By Late Former Wife

The upcoming biography, The King: The Life of Charles III, written by Christopher Andersen, highlighted the complications in Princess Diana and King Charles’ relationship. The relationship reportedly got so bad at one point that the protection officers were worried that someone might get hurt. It was revealed that King Charles “halted” their sexual relationship after Prince Harry’s birth and Princess Diana decided to confront her husband about it. The tensions in their relationship increased as the years passed. The two got married in 1981, before divorcing, a rarity for the royals, in 1996.

Princess Diana Confronted King Charles

Princess Diana and King Charles
King Charles and Princess Diana

In the upcoming book, The King: The Life of Charles III, author Christopher Andersen talked about an incident between King Charles and Princess Diana that was witnessed by a staffer. After Prince Harry’s birth in 1984, King Charles reportedly “called a halt to their sexual relationship.” As per the staffer, Princess Diana “literally pursued” her husband “down hallways, up staircases, and from room to room” at Charles’ Highgrove House country retreat and reportedly asked him, “Why won’t you sleep with me?

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King Charles Said He Might Be Gay

Princess Diana and King Charles
Princess Diana and King Charles

King Charles then sarcastically replied, “I don’t know, dear. I think I might be gay.” His wife always had a feeling that her husband was in love with Camilla Parker- Bowles. So naturally, their relationship was not good. Many staffers were concerned that someone might get hurt as their heated arguments usually escalated.

King Charles once asked her to treat him with respect as he was royalty. “Do you know who I am?” he asked his wife. Princess Diana then called him a “f**king animal,” as per Andersen. King Charles only got married to Princess Diana because of his father, Prince Philip’s pressure, and had no interest in fixing their relationship.

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Princess Diana and King Charles got a divorce in 1996

Princess Diana and King Charles
Princess Diana and King Charles

The tensions in their relationship grew so much that the security was concerned that with so many weapons in the house, “any one of these could be used to commit suicide, homicide or both” in “the heat of anger.” The two got married in 1981 and finally decided to get separated in 1992. They legally got divorced in 1996. Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident at age 36, just one year after the divorce on 31st August 1997.

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