“I don’t know if I was a good actress”: Baywatch Fame Pamela Anderson Admits Her B**bs Made Her Career – “I was just part of the package”

Pamela Anderson first became famous for being the savior every person needed AKA a lifeguard on Baywatch, where she wouldn’t think twice about running to anyone’s aid, no matter how dire the situation looked. But in 1996, she found herself in murky waters with no one coming to her aid. A renovation job, a disgruntled contractor, a stolen safe, and a s*x tape that would ‘break the internet’, that is how Anderson fell from grace. But she is not on the lookout for redemption, as she admits that it is not she who had a career, not her acting skills to be precise.

Remember to always pay your contractor

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee found themselves in a precarious position

Pamela Anderson‘s career took a serious hit in the aftermath of the release of her s*x-tape with Tommy Lee. The 54-minute video, which was believed to have been shot in the summer of 1995, was stolen by a contractor, who had not been paid his due sum of $20,000 for renovating their house.

Little did they know how much that $20,000 would go on to hurt them. Anguished by the deception, the contractor stole a safe from the couple’s house, which had the s*x tape. The tape halted Anderson’s career in its tracks and spelled her doom.

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Pamela Anderson reveals the secret behind her career

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson opens up on how it was her b**bs that got her into the industry

It has been over 27 years since that fateful day. Times have changed. But the Barb Wire star still wants to tell her story, on her own terms. In the Netflix documentary, Pamela, a love story, she has opened up about the tape (of course!), her kids, and her career. And she had some shocking revelations about the last part.

The 55-year-old believed that she wasn’t an actress because of her commendable acting skills. It was because of her b**bs. She said, “I always say it was my b**bs that had a career, I was just part of the package.” This is Pamela Anderson’s unfiltered view, which we will get to see a lot of in the upcoming documentary.

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Pamela Anderson on how the director would fix a scene

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson was not certain that her acting skills were good enough

In the yet-to-be-released documentary, the Raw Justice star opened up about how the shooting on the show would actually work and why it made her feel that she wasn’t really the best of actresses. She said,

“I don’t know if I was a good actress, I didn’t know what I was doing. The director would tell us: ‘Pretend it’s real. Action!’. If a scene didn’t work, they’d say, ‘More seagulls’, and someone would throw biscuits”.

Reflecting, she admits that the direction of the show fueled her insecurities and made her who she is. It is the reason she is not on the lookout for redemption. All she is looking for is a chance to tell her story.

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