‘I don’t think I’m related to these people fully’: Khloe Kardashian Flabbergasted After The View’s Joy Behar Questions Her Appearance – ‘All Kardashians look alike’

Their colossal fan following and never-ending involvement in drama have made the KarJenner sisters famous, and they maintain this fame to remain in the spotlight. On Tuesday night in California, Khloé Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner wore coordinated looks to accept their reality television awards at the People’s Choice Awards event. Afterward, Khloe Kardashian grabbed the attention by revealing that she experienced a wardrobe malfunction shortly before going on stage. She had worn a stunning black Jean Paul Gaultier suit for the occasion.

Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian
Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian during People’s Choice Award Ceremony

Fans have criticized The View host Joy Behar for making a “cruel” jab at Khloe Kardashian’s looks in a resurfaced interview following her award ceremony wardrobe malfunction. Those who have followed the Kardashians over the years know that the three sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian, have almost always been treated differently by the people.

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After She Criticized Khloe Kardashian’s Appearance, Joy Behar Faced Backlash

An old interview clip from 2011 comes into question from Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian‘s appearance on Joy Behar‘s HLN talk show, Joy Behar: Say Anything!, four years after Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered. Behar’s primary focus on the show was on Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian’s love lives and their family.

Khloé Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian

There was a lot of discussion about Kim K’s marriage to Kris Humphries and how she wanted to change her last name. At some point in the interview, Joy Behar made a cruel remark that had Khloe K questioning her about her judgment.

Joy Behar said,

“I was saying during the commercial that you don’t look like your sisters. They look alike. Are you sure you have the same parents?”

Despite Khloe K’s distaste for the joke, she went along with it and replied,

“Absolutely not. I do not know. I don’t think I’m related to these people fully, but we’ll go with it. I like the brand, so hey let’s keep it up. This empire’s pretty good.”

Taking a deeper jab at Khloe K, Behar pointed out to Kourtney K and said,

“I mean, you’re all cute in different ways. You look more like Kim.”

Kourtney K said,

“Yes. She looks like me because I am a little bit older.”

Although Khloe K was angry with the host, she couldn’t let it go and said,

“What does that mean for me? I look like a dog?”

To this Behar replied,

“No, you’re pretty, but you look different pretty.”

Later, Khloe K joked,

“Spoken like a real mother.”

It was clear from the K sisters’ body language that they were feeling awkward as Joy Behar quickly moved on to the next topic.

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Khloe Kardashian Flashed Her Slim Legs

In her latest appearance at a Revolve winter wonderland event, 38-year-old Khloe Kardashian flashed her slim legs. Adding an edgy touch to her look, Khloe K paired her skin-tight bodysuit with a leather jacket, lace-up heels, and a leather blazer. The mother-of-two completed her look with chunky black sunglasses and black leather gloves. Using muted makeup, she framed her features with long brown hair parted in the middle.

Khloe K
Khloé K

Her shrinking frame has been displayed on social media and the red carpet over the past four years since she dropped 60 pounds. Her fans have previously complained about her weight loss, claiming she looks unhealthy. In 2022, the reality star decided to work on her physical and mental well-being. During her debut this year, she lost a dramatic amount of weight, which concerns some fans.

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Source: The Sun

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