“I don’t think that’s true”: Kelly Ripa Gets Ally in Jimmy Kimmel After Blasted By Howard Stern For Disrespecting Regis Philbin

Rumors of celebrity feuds die slowly, even if they hold any water or not. One such rumor that had been around for almost a decade was Kelly Ripa vs Regis Philbin. Although Philbin passed away in 2020 at 89 years, the issue remains a mystery to an extent. Back in 2019, Howard Stern tried to fuel the fire while on his talk show, Stern’s Sirius XM Show. And while he and his co-host Robin Quivers tried their best to vilify Ripa for antagonizing Philbin, Jimmy Kimmel remained a staunch supporter of the Live! With Kelly and Ryan host.

Howard Stern was hellbent on fueling the alleged Kelly Ripa vs Regis Philbin feud

Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel
Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa were co-hosts on Live! with Regis and Kelly for almost a decade from 2001 to 2011. But Philbin’s exit from the show caused an alleged rift between the former co-hosts. At least that’s what Howard Stern believed.

He discussed the same with Jimmy Kimmel who was once a guest on his Sirius XM Radio Show. He asked Kimmel why Ripa and Ryan Seacrest never invited Philbin as a guest on Live at least once a year when they ought to. Stern’s cohost, Robin Quivers chimed in asking, “Why the abandonment?” And Stern repeated the question. Kimmel’s reply wasn’t so much in accordance. He asked referencing Philbin, “You think he still wants to be on?”

The Private Parts star replied,

Smriti Sneh
Smriti Sneh

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