‘I felt strong. Proud. Free’: Florence Pugh Trolls Olivia Wilde, Has Last Laugh As She Intentionally Doesn’t Mention Don’t Worry Darling In Venice Film Festival Appreciation Post

Don’t Worry Darling has been plagued with a plethora of behind-the-scenes problems as has become evident over the past few days. Palpable tension between filmmaker, Olivia Wilde, and Florence Pugh has become the talk of the town. And events of the film’s recent screening at the Venice Film Festival have fueled that fire.

Florence Pugh shared a series of posts via Instagram about her “fleeting night in Venice” for the world premiere of Don’t Worry Darling. However, something was clearly amiss from the social media posts.

Florence Pugh on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival for the world premiere of Don't Worry Darling
Florence Pugh on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival for the world premiere of Don’t Worry Darling

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Florence Pugh steers clear of mentioning Don’t Worry Darling in her Instagram posts

Florence Pugh‘s limited participation in Don’t Worry Darling promotions has not missed the world’s eye. The actor has barely promoted the film on her IG account, if at all. And her posts about her time at the Venice Film Festival have garnered a whole lot of attention, primarily because there is literally no mention of Don’t Worry Darling in them.

Florence Pugh with her grandmother 'Granzo Pat' in the Venice Film Festival
Florence Pugh with her grandmother Granzo Pat’ at the Venice Film Festival

Pugh’s Instagram posts thanked everyone from her grandmother to her red carpet dress designer, to her colorist even but no one associated with the film. Her first appreciation post was dedicated to her ‘Granzo Pat’. In the fairly long caption, Pugh explained how her grandmother “hadn’t bothered renewing her passport because she didn’t think she’d be doing too much traveling the older she gets. She is such an adventurer that it saddened us all that she was thinking that way.” And that’s when she invited Granzo Pat to be her plus-one for the film’s premiere. Recalling her time on the red carpet, Pugh wrote,

“Next thing I know she’s dancing for all the photographers calling her name. It was truly the most special moment I have ever had on a carpet. She has always been beauty and grace, but to see her so proud and so natural when hundreds of people were watching and cheering was truly remarkable. Granzo Pat is remarkable. Thank you to all who made that moment special for us. Thank you to Venice Film Festival for your generosity and your kindness. #GranzoPattakesonVenice.”

In the next three posts, the Midsommar actor thanked her dress designer – Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino, jewelry designer – Tiffany and Co., and hair and makeup artists respectively, again steering clear of any mention of the film.

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The tension is palpable

The Cast and Director of Don't Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival
The tension between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles was apparent as they avoided each other on the Red Carpet

A press conference for Don’t Worry Darling was missed by Pugh on Monday, and the actor didn’t look particularly affectionate towards either Olivia Wilde or Harry Styles on the Red Carpet either. Pugh even walked out when the film was getting a standing ovation. If there were still any confusion, recent events have cleared up any possibility of doubt regarding the tense dynamics between Pugh, Wilde, and Styles.

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller set in the 1950s, revolving around a housewife (Florence Pugh) and her husband (Harry Styles). Other cast members include Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, Douglas Smith, KiKi Layne, Timothy Simons, and Dita Von Teese.

The film is set to release on 23rd September 2022.

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Source: Daily Mail

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