“I gave her half of my salary”: Notorious for His Affairs With Co-stars, Charlie Sheen Gave $100,000 to His Female Co-star From Scary Movie 5

Notoriously known for his romantic relationship with his co-stars, Charlie Sheen shared a faithful bond with Lindsay Lohan. Spending time while filming Scary Movie 5, the two came close and became BFFs. Although their bond somehow lost its strength midway, Lohan and Sheen tried mending their slow-burn relationship. 

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen with Lindsay Lohan

It is known that Charlie Sheen helped his BFF Lindsay Lohan with words of wisdom. Not just that, Sheen also reportedly helped Lohan with a hundred thousand dollars, while filming their movie together. Realizing Lohan’s tax problems, Sheen went out of his way to help her out. Their friendship went back on track and Lohan appeared in Sheen’s TV series. 

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Charlie Sheen Helped Lindsay Lohan During Her Struggles

Meeting on the set of Scary Movie 5, Charlie Sheen got to learn a lot about Lindsay Lohan. The actress, after previously going through a lot of struggles and nearly missing most of her acting chances, ended up on the sets of Scary Movie 5. Quite instantly Sheen developed a soft spot for Lohan and her struggles, despite going through a tough time himself. 

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5

Although famously known for having romantic relationships with most of his female coworkers, Charlie Sheen somehow simply managed to keep nothing but friendship with Lohan. After the release of Malcolm D. Lee’s Scary Movie 5, it was revealed by Simon Rex how Lohan wanted to remove a few intimate scenes from the movie. 

Ultimately few of the scenes were removed at the nth hour, while for others, the crew used body doubles. It miraculously appears that Charlie Sheen was not enraged by her move, instead, he managed to reduce her concerns by giving her half of his salary. It later came to the limelight that the actor helped Lohan with financial support since she was going through tax troubles. 

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Charlie Sheen Had A Soft Spot For His Bff Lindsay Lohan

Standing beside Lindsay Lohan and silently helping her since the beginning, Charlie Sheen admitted to having a soft spot for the actress. Meeting for the first time while filming Scary Movie 5, Sheen befriended Lohan and ever since then, the two became BFFs. Right from forking over $100,000 from his salary in an effort to help her, Sheen became close with the actress. He mentioned how he found Lohan’s situation quite relatable to his own, and therefore wished to help her. 

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen financially helped Lindsay Lohan

Realizing the graveness of her tax issues, which might have caused her to leave the sets, Charlie Sheen helped Lohan with half of his salary. “I gave her half of my salary on Scary Movie 5. I knew the scene would be much more epic if she took part in it.” the actor recalled. The Two and a Half Men actor not only helped Lohan financially but even shared words of wisdom. 

While sharing an affectionate bond with his co-star, Sheen spoke about the time when he motivated Lohan to stay positive. “[I’d] just tell her, just stay the course…You can’t change the past, but they wouldn’t call it that if it wasn’t, right?” Sheen stated.

Realizing how fun and dedicated Lindsay Lohan can be, Charlie Sheen appreciated her appearance on his show Anger Management. Lohan played herself in the series while featuring in season 2 episode 12, “Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble” which aired in 2013. 

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