“I have a healthy leg”: After Being Instagram Banned for Radical Body Transformations, Anthony Loffredo aka Black Alien Wants To Cut Off His Leg as Next Step in ‘Total Dehumanization’

There are many people who go to extreme lengths to do something different and a Frenchman Anthony Loffredo decided to do something similar. The 33-year-old has gone through multiple surgeries in order to totally change his appearance under his Black Alien Project Evolution. After he started feeling that he was born in the wrong body, he decided to go through body modification.

Anthony Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo

Now that he’s had multiple surgeries to amputate his ear, nose, and several fingers, Loffredo claims these changes have helped him boost his confidence. And after all this, he plans to go ahead with his body transformation by amputating one of his legs.

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Anthony Loffredo Plans to Amputate His Leg

In his attempts to become a black alien, Anthony Loffredo has gone through several surgeries for his body modification. So far, he has sliced off his top lip, his nose, and ears, and has amputated several fingers to make his hands appear as alien hands.

After the extreme body modification, and covering his whole body including his eyeballs with tattoos, Anthony Loffredo is planning to amputate his leg. However, it’s still something he finds “hard” because he has a “healthy leg” and going through an amputation is “something big” for him.

Anthony Loffredo before and after his transformation
Anthony Loffredo before and after his transformation

While it would certainly not be an easy decision to let go of a healthy leg, Loffredo wants to make further alterations to his face before he finalizes anything about his leg.

He has been sharing his transformation on his social media. Considering his freakish body transformation, Instagram banned him from the social media platform, and he ended up losing 1.3 million followers. However, he reclaimed his account about six weeks after it was banned.

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Anthony Loffredo Declares Himself A Black Alien

During an interview with LADBible, Anthony Loffredo referred to himself as a Black Alien. “I am not human. I am a black alien,” he said. He shared that he felt miserable in the body he was born in and that was the reason he opted for body transformation.

Anthony Loffredo, aka Black Alien
Anthony Loffredo, aka Black Alien

He also put out the benefits of having transformed himself into a black alien saying that it allows him to put in the “skin of a terrifying character.” Loffredo has also shared the struggles he has faced all his life, where people judged him and did not understand him.

“You can’t judge someone. Nobody knows what’s inside someone’s head, why they are doing that, you need to talk to this person,” Anthony Loffredo said.  However, his transformation doesn’t seem too helpful in this manner, as he also shared that his looks as the black alien has led many to criticize him. During his interview with LADBible, he shared that the local restaurants have denied serving him on the terrace.

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