“I have an 8L lung capacity”: Andrew Tate Denies Having a Lung Cancer, Claims He is as healthy as an Olympic Athlete in Prison

Andrew Tate continues to make headlines amid his arrest on human trafficking charges in Romania in December last year. Recent reports related to the controversial internet personality revealed a serious health issue the MMA veteran has been struggling with. His manager shared the news on Instagram saying that Tate has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The 36-year-old reportedly has a dark spot on his lungs. However, Tate himself has denied the claim saying that he has an eight-liter lung capacity.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

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Andrew Tate Speaks Out on Lung Cancer Claims

After his manager confirmed that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, people were also convinced that Andrew Tate could have lung cancer considering his smoking habit. However, the former kickboxer denied the claims as he shared that he is completely healthy and doing just fine. Tate once again shared a tweet saying that his lungs did not suffer any damage from smoking, and he still has an 8-liter lung capacity.

Andrew Tate
Former kickboxer Andrew Tate

“I do not have cancer. My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage. In fact, I have an 8L lung capacity and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete. There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle. True warriors are scarred both inside and out.”

He even compared himself to an Olympic athlete and shared that he is not diagnosed with anything. Tate has had a decade-long career in the ring after he started kickboxing in 2007. He even has an impressive record of losing only 9 of his 85 fights. Tate declared his retirement in 2016 after winning 4 IKSA world championships.

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Andrew Tate Wants to Live 5,000 More Years

Andrew Tate not only denied the lung cancer claim, but he also claimed that he estimates himself to survive for another 5,000 years. In another tweet, the controversial public figure claimed to be one of the “most influential men on the face of the planet.”

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

He also said that he expects himself to survive for another 5,000 years based on his “current strength levels.” He also shared that he is very serious about his “medical care” and has even left doctors wondering about his physique. Talking about his regular organized check-ups in Dubai, he claimed that the doctors were surprised to see the scar on his lung.

“The doctors were extremely interested in the scar on my lung. They do not understand how I survive without treatment,” the tweet said. He further stated that the doctors don’t know about the “secrets of Wudan,” claiming that he needs to live as long as possible for the good of humanity. Andrew Tate is still in custody in Romania on human trafficking and r*pe charges.

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