‘I Have Hated Him’: World’s Sexiest Woman Paige Spiranac Says She Despises Logan Paul With A Burning Passion Because His Toxic ‘High School’ Fanbase Sent Her Death Threats

Paige Spiranac is a prominent social media influencer. She was even crowned the most beautiful woman in the world by Maxim. Paige Spiranac, though, has a variety of viewpoints on subjects in which people actually have an interest. These viewpoints never shied away from sounding too harsh or controversial which made her even more popular on social media. She is a knowledgeable sports fan who occasionally also has an opinion on any given subject. However, recently she shared her opinion about the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul that took place back in June 2021.

This viewpoint would get a lot more traction than the influencer would have hoped for as it lead the fans of the Youtuber/boxer Logan paul, to spam her inbox with hateful messages.

Paige Spiranac talks about the power the new gen holds

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac

The influencer’s view on the idea of having YouTubers entering boxing rings with professionals that have built their careers around the sport seems to be as on point as one can be. She stated the following:

“It’s a money grab, there is going to be so much money thrown for that fight. It’s insane that people actually want to see this happening. It’s insane to see someone with a YouTube following or social following can make this happen. It just shows how powerful that young demographic that everyone is reaching out to get now and the fact that people are talking about this is mind-blowing to me.”

The way that Paige Spiranac displays the facts and figures in such a way really opens the eye to just how much the younger generation controls the power of social media and makes things happen between people that survive off of the clicks that they bring into their content.

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Logan Paul needs to face more consequences according to the influencer

Logan Paul
Logan Paul in Japan’s Suicide Forest

Paige Spiranac also brought up the topic of how the YouTube platform treats its content creators. While some small YouTubers can have all of their videos demonetized for almost any reason pertaining to copyright issues and how kid-friendly the video is in question. Therefore, the influencer naturally points out the extremely lenient punishment that Logan Paul had for a specific video in mind.

“I said, ‘If you have a large following of a younger viewing audience, you have to be careful with the content that you put out there.’ And I think he should have been punished more by YouTube or his sponsors or there needed to be some form of consequence bigger than what he got.”

The semi-pro golfer is undoubtedly alluding to Logan Paul’s infamous “Suicide Forest” video, which was shot in Japan. The YouTuber felt it would be a good idea to explore this woodland when he was in that country, not expecting he might actually find a body there. Logan Paul received major criticism for his discovery of suicide by hanging a victim. However, Logan Paul has subsequently adjusted his attitude and strategy. It is safe to say that this experience has actually altered him as a person.

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Logan Paul’s fans have sent hateful messages to Paige Spiranac

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

The social media influencer went on to state, “I ended up receiving death threats by all of these kids in that high school, that they were defending Logan Paul, and so ever since then I have hated him.”

The fans have retaliated toward Paige Spiranac for her unjust treatment and have bombarded the celeb’s Twitter. Some of the messages were hateful and called her out to extremes yet it is quite debatable if the model brought it upon herself.

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