‘I Jumped Out of the Shower So Fast’: Idris Elba Reveals a ‘Wet Bat’ Terrified Him While He Was Getting Down and Dirty With His Wife in the Shower, She Still Makes Fun of Him

MCU’s Heimdal actor Idris Elba revealed an experience of fear when he was going down & dirty on his wife Sabrina and a bat interrupted their romance. (It was not any bat from DC that you all may think that Warner Bros. or David Zaslav might have sent) The 49-year-old actor who is promoting his upcoming movie, Beast recalled his awkward sexual encounter of how shower-sex-gone off the plan during the shooting of his recent movie. 

Idris Elba
Idris Elba is among the actor who has worked in DC and MCU both

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Idris Elba talked about his steamy moment and how it got interrupted

Idris Elba with Wife Sabrina
Actor Idris Elba and his fiance model Sabrina Dhowre

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While talking about the hilarious sexual encounter, Idris Elba revealed he is ‘horrified’ and his wife, Sabrina still ‘makes fun of him to this day.’ While talking to Men’s Journal, the MCU’s Heimdal actor talked about his morning romance. 

“I was shooting in Limpopo. My wife was there and we were going to have some fun in the shower. Some morning romance, you know? She got in, then I followed her and closed the door. But then I looked down and clinging for life to the inside shower door handle was this bat. A tiny, wet bat.”

Idris Elba reflected on the incident and added, “I hate bats. It was freaky as f**k. I jumped out of the shower so fast.” Sabrina makes fun of him to date and the actor told the outlet that she said, ‘You left me in the shower with a bat!’

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Details about Idris Elba’s upcoming movie, Beast

Idris Elba
A still from the trailer of Beast

As bizarre as it may sound that MCU’s Heimdal and DC’s Bloodsport actor is afraid of a flying mammal. The actor is recently promoting his upcoming film, Beast where he will be taking on a lion on the screen. Considering all the safety precautions, the lion in the film was created using special effects and a stuntman wearing a big foam mask was used to recreate the same level of fear.

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Idris Elba’s Beast directed by Baltasar Kormákur is slated to release on 19 August 2022.

Source: Men’s Journal

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