“I just asked for help and I’m still waiting”: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Woes Keep Climbing After Future Sister-in-Law Threatens to Reveal Dark Secrets as Georgina Rodriguez Refuses to Financially Help Sister Despite $500M Assets

Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem to have a good time with the ongoing FIFA World Cup. The Portuguese player has not been in form and has managed to score only one goal, which came from a penalty. This has given rise to speculations that the star player may have to step aside sooner than expected. But these are not the only issues he has been facing recently. His girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez seems to have some unsolved issues with her sister Patricia Rodriguez. And now she is threatening to out several skeletons that have been kept in their closet unless she gets what she wants.

Cristiano Ronaldo withGeorgina Rodriguez
Cristiano Ronaldo withGeorgina Rodriguez

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Georgina Rodriguez is Not Helpful Towards Her Sister

Georgina Rodriguez doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with her sister Patricia Rodriguez. Patricia Rodriguez lashed out at Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend during her appearance on the Telecinco program Socialite. She claimed that her sister makes fun of and rejoices in her current economic situation.

I’m broke and my sister doesn’t help me. What hurts me the most are my children, not me,” Patricia Rodriguez said. She also claimed that her sister doesn’t even care about her nephews and nieces.

Georgina Rodriguez's sister Patricia Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez’s sister Patricia Rodriguez

I wasn’t expecting this from my sister. Sometimes I have enough to eat, other times I don’t. Sometimes I have enough to pay the rent, other times I don’t,” she said.

I have heard many rumors of this within the family. She is ashamed of me and laughs and rejoices at my current economic situation,” Patricia told Socialite. She allegedly asked for some financial help from her sister Georgina Rodriguez. However. the elder sister felt betrayed after Georgina Rodriguez reportedly refused to help her.

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Patricia Rodriguez Threatens to Release Private Information

Georgina Rodriguez’s sister has claimed that she has never asked her sister for money for herself. However, she just wanted Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend to help her children. “I don’t want money, I just gave her the phone number of the school so that she could contact them so that she could help my children by buying the books for the course.” Patricia Rodriguez said.

She further stated that her children needed her help and she is still waiting. However, reports have claimed that she threatened Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend to bring out private information about her. She also mentioned some sort of issue between them and that they need to put an end to it.

I am not a person who likes confrontation or getting angry with her. I think we have to talk about what happened and put an end to this situation,” Georgina Rodriguez’s sister said.

CR7 and Georgina Rodriguez
CR7 and Georgina Rodriguez

She even claimed that when she asked her model sister to bring her a signed Cristiano Ronaldo shirt, Georgina Rodriguez refused by saying that she does not want to bother him, as he was on a holiday. During her appearance on Socialite, Patricia Rodriguez also shared that her relationship with Georgina Rodriguez has not been the best since their father’s death in 2019.

She claimed, “She still didn’t have his ashes’ because of her sister.” She also asked Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend to be supportive of her nephews and nieces. “If you don’t want to help me, help your nephews and nieces,” she pleaded.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez released her documentary, I am Georgina, on Netflix. However, the documentary did not mention anything about Patricia Rodriguez. The documentary included only one of her sisters, Ivana.

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