“I just have fun with everyone”: Croatian Bombshell Ivana Knoll Reveals World Cup Players Entered Her DMs, Claims She Doesn’t Want Anyone Who Only Loves Her Physique

Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll was one of the hottest newsmakers during the FIFA World Cup 2022. The model recently claimed that World Cup football players were so enamored of her skimpy attire during the competition that they flooded her inbox with messages in an effort to catch her attention. Despite being criticized for wearing skimpy dresses, the footballers didn’t seem to mind her for her dressing sense. They allegedly sent Knoll messages expressing interest in her. She mentioned in a Barstool Sports interview that she received many messages from football players during the FIFA World Cup.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll

In Qatar, Knoll wore a variety of eye-catching outfits that increased the number of her Instagram followers to 3.7 million. The busty brunette flaunted her curves in skimpy dresses that reflected Croatia’s colors throughout the Middle Eastern spectacle.

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Ex-Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll’s DM flooded with World Cup stars 

The Croatian-based model has gotten a ton of marriage proposals, as well as s*xy messages from some of the World Cup stars in Qatar. The 26-year-old model, who has been gaining an astounding 200,000 Instagram followers daily, expressed shock at some fans believing she is an “easy woman.” She claimed that some of the messages she received via her Instagram account were requests for a “meet” from football players in World Cup. In response to the American company’s question about whether players had gotten in touch with her while she was rocking her jaw-dropping outfits, she firmly said, “Yes! I remember a few players messaging how are you, blah blah blah.”

Ivana Knoll crowded by a swarm of men
Ivana Knoll crowded by a swarm of men

Although Ivana Knoll withheld the names of the players who contacted her, she did mention that some of them competed for teams that ultimately fell short of Croatia in the tournament. She claims that before the match even started, some of these players apologized for losing to her nation. “Some of the players would say – sorry for tomorrow before the game… I would not respond until they lost!”

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Ivana Knoll boosts her fan base on social media after the  FIFA World Cup

After the end of the FIFA World Cup, Ivana Knoll experienced a surge in popularity. She has been in high demand since the World Cup. While touring New York, she unintentionally blanked a fan who attempted to shake her hand after they had taken a photo together. She was also invited to Leonardo Di Caprio’s party in Miami, where she later got cozy with rapper Aubrey Drake Graham. She later even admitted that she had been worried about offending Qatari sensibilities with her skimpy outfits in the red and white colors of her national team and feared being barred from stadiums.

Ivana Knoll vs the Qatari dress code
Ivana Knoll vs the Qatari dress code

By the way, Ivana Knoll had 700,000 Instagram followers before the World Cup in Qatar started, and she now has, surprisingly, 3.6 million.

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