“I just wanted to get the f—k out of that room”: Chris Evans Was So Afraid of Ben Affleck That He Botched His Own Audition, Ran Away From the Set in Fear

Chris Evans is at another level altogether now. The star has achieved a lot in the course of his career. But all this success definitely hasn’t come easy for him. He’s had to face a lot to be where he is currently.

The Gray Man star had to undergo innumerable struggles. And one of the most daunting ones for him was clearing his early auditions. For all the success he had in the course of his movie career, he couldn’t ace his auditions even if his life was at stake.

What went wrong at the Gone Baby Gone audition?

Chris Evans at Gone Baby Gone audition
Chris Evans at the Gone Baby Gone audition

Chris Evans has had a largely successful career featuring for the MCU. He made the role of Captain America his very own. But that isn’t the only role he has to boast of. He’s met success as a part of innumerable other projects.

But there was one particular interview where he really dropped the ball. It was during a 2007 audition for the flick Gone Baby Gone. And Evans was not prepared for what happened there.

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Ben Affleck’s presence gave Chris Evans a real scare

Chris Evans was intimidated by Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck unintentionally intimidated Chris Evans

Gone Baby Gone was being directed by Ben Affleck, a movie about detectives being forced into action to look for a 4-year-old. So it is only natural that he was there to conduct the audition, something that the Snowpiercer star might not have anticipated.

The moment he found Affleck was there, he said, “I turned around and it was, and for some reason, I instantly was nervous.” It only got worse as he got awkward. The Knives Out star asked the Gone Girl star whether or not he had done the right thing by parking at one of the meters. Things surely couldn’t get worse from there.

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Chris Evans just wanted to “get the f*ck out”

Ben Affleck and Chris Evans
Ben Affleck and Chris Evans

Chris Evans had had enough. From that moment onwards, the only thought in his mind was getting out of there. He gave one-word replies in the course of the audition, could not give a straight answer, with only one thought in his mind, “I’ve got to get the f*ck out.”

He later recollected, “I just wanted to be anywhere but there. I sat down with my heart beating out of my chest, I was so mortified that I started this meeting off that way.”

It doesn’t come off as a surprise that he didn’t get the role, not that it had a serious impact on his career later on.

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