“I kind of blacked out”: Aubrey Plaza Reveals Her Active S-x Life Nearly Killed Her When She Was 20

Some might know Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation, and some might know her from her awkward interviews. She has a reputation for maintaining a persona at public events or settings that is both bizarre and awkward but also hilarious. She has garnered the audience’s love for her role in White Lotus recently. Aubrey Plaza also has some more critically acclaimed roles and projects under her belt. Her unique personality and choices of roles make her stand out from the crowd.

Aubrey Plaza once shared an experience before she booked her breakout role. The scary incident taught her to expect the unexpected at all times and to use contraceptives very carefully.

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza

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Aubrey Plaza experienced a stroke at 20

Humans are believed to be the fittest at the age of 20. But at that age, Aubrey Plaza experienced a life-altering experience that completely changed her perspective toward life. The stroke story she narrates is just like some other stroke incidents, that happened out of nowhere. She told NPR Fresh Air in 2017,

“I was 20, and I was living in Queens, in Astoria. And I was going to my friend’s apartment for lunch. It’s really kind of a very typical I think stroke story where it just happened mid-sentence out of nowhere.”

She narrated how it felt being a stroke victim at such a young age. Plaza further added in disbelief,

“I don’t think I had even taken my jacket off. I walked into the apartment. I was telling my two friends about a Hilary Duff concert that I had taken my younger sister to the night before. And then I kind of blacked out for a second.”

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza

Naturally, the paramedics when came to the rescue did not think she suffered from a stroke. In fact, they questioned about any kind of substance intake. They also thought it might be because of dehydration. Later on, the actress revealed the thing that might have caused the scary instance was birth control. That was the only probable answer forbwhat happened, according to her.

“So what happened was the paramedics came, and they also – I think because I was so young – didn’t assume that I had had a stroke–They were thinking that I was dehydrated. And I really think they thought I was on drugs because they kept asking me if I’d taken drugs, and I hadn’t. I hadn’t really put anything into my body that day and – except for birth control, which ended up being maybe the cause of the stroke.”

This incident really made her appreciate the things she has even more and not take anything for granted.

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Aubrey Plaza’s recovery after the incident

Aubrey Plaza had to work with a cognitive therapy specialist to technically learn everything from scratch again. It was like her new birth. The actress had to learn basic skills like walking, talking, and writing again with the help of the experts.

“I can’t help but think that it has affected me in ways that I won’t even know until later–But I do have a overall feeling of life is short. And I might as well just do as much as I can. Maybe it’s why I’m so busy.”

Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate in Parks and Rec
Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate in Parks and Rec

Aubrey Plaza is grateful she got a second chance at life. The risks of having a stroke because of contraceptives are low but they may differ from person to person. Thus, one must always be careful and mindful of their dosage. Since then, Aubrey Plaza has been unstoppable.

 “I’ve been busy for 10 years,–A lot of things that I’ve done are all coming out at the same time. I can’t control that part of it, but I’ve been busy from the minute I moved to Los Angeles. I haven’t stopped.”

Today, her work in Emily the Criminal, Parks and Recreation, and White Lotus is celebrated worldwide.

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Source: NPR Fresh Air

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