‘I literally felt sick to my stomach’: After Publicly Defending Amber Heard, Julia Fox’s Attention Seeking Shenanigans Has Her Supporting Kim Kardashian Following Balenciaga Scandal

Kim Kardashian has got a new ally and she didn’t even have to try. And it is none other than her ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend, Julia Fox. Kardashian was recently on the receiving end of a world of hate and flak for not speaking up against the disturbing Balenciaga ad campaigns that featured kids with teddy bears in bondage attire, and a legal document about child pornography.

While the SKIMS founder has now released an official statement criticizing the horrendous images and claimed to reanalyze her relationship with Balenciaga, fans think it’s too little, too late. However, the 41-year-old has the support of Fox, who thinks that Kim K is a victim of misogyny.

Julia Fox comes to Kim Kardashian’s rescue

Julia Fox defends Kim Kardashian amidst Balenciaga scandal
Julia Fox; Kim K’s latest ally

Kanye West‘s ex-girlfriend, Julia Fox, has been pretty vocal lately about her relationship with the Yeezy founder. She recently made headlines by claiming that she only dated Ye to help Kim Kardashian by taking one for the team. This time around, her followers asked for her take on the whole Balenciaga scandal. The Uncut Gems actress took to TikTok to share a video of her opinion on the same. She began by clarifying,

“First things first, I’m not their spokesperson, I have zero relationship with the brand, I haven’t even been to one of their shows — they haven’t invited me. Regardless, I think it’s horrific and when I was reading and watching all the videos I literally felt sick to my stomach.”

Balenciaga's new advertisements receives hate
Balenciaga’s new advertisements receive hate

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Then she went on to comment on the hate that Balenciaga models, and especially the SKKN owner were receiving on the internet,

“But I couldn’t help but think, damn, the women who are associated to the brand professionally are getting so much pushback, it’s almost as if they’re the f—king child molesters.”

Meanwhile, the text on the screen read,

“Why are women being blamed for a MANS [sic] mistake? It’s the internalized misogyny for me.”

The mother of 4 has been a significant part of Balenciaga over the years and has worked several ad campaigns and modeled on its runway as well, in addition to wearing the label to numerous red carpet events.

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Are the Balenciaga models really to blame too?

Fans attacks Kim Kardashian for supporting Balenciaga
Kim Kardashian sporting Balenciaga

Several of the 32-year-old’s fans happened to agree with her hot-take and commented on the TikTok video.

One of the comments read, “Thank you I’m seeing Kim get more backlash than the man who created the whole campaign”.

A second one wrote, “I’m seeing people asking the models/celebrities who have worked with them to apologize? for what exactly? they were not the creatives behind it?”

Apart from The Kardashians star, Bella Hadid and Nicole Kidman have been pestered to make a condemning statement against the brand. All three of them walked during Balenciaga’s office-inspired spring 2023 campaign, and Kidman made quite the stir with her foil dress look.

Meanwhile, Hadid has responded to the hate by deleting some collaborative Instagram posts, but Kidman is yet to act. No official statement has been released by either one of them.

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Source: Page Six

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