“I looked like a bowlegged skeleton in a bathing suit”: Pamela Anderson Reveals This Cult-Classic Movie Made Her So Insanely Underweight Even the ‘Tiniest Waves Knocked Her Over’

Pamela Anderson is best known for her modeling career in Playboy Magazine. Her appearance in the TV series Baywatch launched her into her success. But it was her infamous s*x tape that made her the topic of conversation throughout the decade. Hulu recently released a series called Pam & Tommy, which was neither made with her consent nor did it portray her according to her desire. Thus to set the record straight and to get her side out there, she wrote a memoir called Love, Pamela.

She doesn’t hold back and shares every piece of information from her life in great detail. Including the time she struggled with pills that could have actually cost her life.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson’s struggle with pills

When one utters the name Pamela Anderson, the iconic picture of her in the red bodysuit from Baywatch pops into our heads. But as it turns out, although it may have looked glamorous, it definitely did not feel that way at all.

“It was a challenging time,–I hardly slept, I was working constantly between the movie and Baywatch, and I was freshly married. It felt like I needed to be ‘on’ 24/7, and yet I could barely stay awake.”

Barb Wire and Baywatch took up all her time schedule and thus she was constantly tired and busy. On top of this, she had to maintain her diet for her work. To make things easy, a “friend” introduced her to a diet pill called ephedrine. She claimed she never did hard drugs but this one felt necessary and helped her to stay active,

“I liked how the pills kept me awake, and I could get a lot more done,”

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson in her famous red body suit

But the pill had a dangerous side effect to it. She wrote,

“I liked how the pills kept me awake, and I could get a lot more done. But the side effects meant I was losing weight fast. I looked like a bowlegged skeleton in a bathing suit, 105 pounds at five foot seven.”

Although people around her were concerned, nobody cared enough to show her the right path. Her new married life with Tommy Lee also contributed a lot to her feeling this way.

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Pamela Anderson almost lost her life

Anderson recalls a scary moment when the stress finally got to her. She wrote about the day when she had to miss her work because she was found unconscious at home in her bathtub. The actress had tried to mix Advil with vodka, but fortunately failed to do so successfully and in turn, vomited everything out. She described the scene in graphic detail just to make everyone understand her pain,

“I had gotten into the bathtub the night before and tried to swallow a bottle of Advil with vodka, slowly sinking under the water,–I had gotten into the bathtub the night before and tried to swallow a bottle of Advil with vodka, slowly sinking under the water,–But luckily, I couldn’t stand the taste of hard alcohol and the nausea forced me out of the tub. I threw up everything, all over the stone floor, and then fell asleep in a pool of Advil-red vomit. It must have looked scary.”

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

She was then rushed to the hospital, where she found out she was pregnant. Lee and Anderson later suffered a miscarriage for which she blames nothing but the pills and her stress. Although she forgave her pills momentarily after learning the news of her pregnancy, she still regrets going to such an extent.

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Source: She Knows

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