“I lost my way a little bit”: Alex Rodriguez Opens Up About Relationship With Ex-Partner Jennifer Lopez, Wishes Her the Very Best With Ben Affleck

Alex Rodriguez and his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez have known each other for a long time. They turned their friendship into a relationship after a decade, which didn’t last long. Though they were unable to exchange the vows of marriage, the former has always supported the singer as a longtime friend. Sharing his feelings in an interview, he wished the singer for the best future with her husband Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Former couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez Addresses Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage With Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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The 47-year-old former professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez touched on his relationship with his ex-partner Jennifer Lopez.

He recently made an appearance on HBO Max’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? where the host grilled him by asking if he is bothered by the fact that his ex rekindled her relationship with actor Ben Affleck and “ended up getting married to him, not you?” 

The businessman shared, “With Jennifer, look, it was it was a good experience. And I wish her and the children, who are smart, and beautiful and wonderful — I wish them the very best,” he said. “That’s it.”

Rodriguez, who goes by the nickname A-Rod also responded on whether he would be a “good husband material” with the star sharing,

“I think when you look at my life, Chris, I mentioned when I was 15 years old … I think Sports Illustrated called me a top player in the country. And at that time, I was Alex Rodriguez. And then somewhere along the way, at 24, I get a $200 million dollar contract, and probably, I lost my way a little bit. I became A-Rod.”

The difference between his own self Rodriguez and his alter-ego A-Rod is a distinction between his two phases of life that happened before and after his suspension from the league in 2014 for using steroids.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Relationship Which Ended With Bennifer!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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Lopez and A-Rod met back in 2005 at a New York Yankee game for the first time and coincidentally ran into each other in Los Angeles back in 2017. The same year, the then-couple confirmed their relationship and made their first red carpet appearance as a pair.

They took the next step in their relationship with the businessman proposing to the singer on the beach in 2019. Their wedding finally came to reports though it was delayed because of the COVID Pandemic.

The two officially called off their engagement in April last year stating, “we are better as friends.” 

That is when Ben Affleck came into the singer’s life. Their old romance rekindled the same year with the couple getting engaged before finally getting married in Las Vegas in July this year.

They also threw three-day intimate wedding celebrations which took place on Affleck’s estate in Riceboro, Georgia two months ago.

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