“I love watching him do what he loves”: Kate Upton Seemingly Blasts Gisele Bündchen For Leaving Tom Brady, Wants Husband Justin Verlander to Keep Playing as Long as He Wants

It is expected that Justin Verlander will play at least one more season in the MLB. After winning the World Series with the Houston Astros, the right-handed pitcher became a free agent. However, Verlander’s wife, Kate Upton, wants him to continue playing in the MLB for as long as he likes. In the wake of the Astros’ World Series win, Kate Upton crashed an interview and urged Justin Verlander not to retire from baseball. Her approach was the opposite of Gisele Bundchen’s.

Justin Verlander & Kate Upton
Justin Verlander and Kate Upton

In celebration of the Houston Astros’ second World Series title, The Layover star, however, celebrated with her husband, Justin Verlander. Fans are now comparing Kate Upton and Justin Verlander’s relationship to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, another famous sports couple.

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Justin Verlander Gets Kate Upton’s Support, Fans Say Gisele Bündchen Should Take Notes

In celebration of her husband’s World Series victory, the 30-year-old Sports Illustrated model, Kate Upton, interrupted her husband, Justin Verlander’s post-game interview on 5 November, where Verlander was holding their 3-year-old daughter and chatting with Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Kevin Burkhardt, and Frank Thomas. When retired baseball player David Ortiz asked Upton whether her husband should retire or play one more season, she showed her support for Justin Verlander.

Justin Verlander with his daughter
Justin Verlander with his daughter

Upton said in the interview, “I love watching my husband do what he loves to do when he’s pitching, it’s truly so creative and such an art, and we’re so honored to be a part of it.”

Justin Verlander, 39, started blushing, interrupted his wife, laughed, and said, “All right, all right.”

Upton told Fox Sports in the interview,

“It’s such an incredible experience; I mean, having Justin home, and being together as a family is so amazing, and then to go to the exact extreme, and be here at the World Series, It’s just so exciting.”

Laughter erupted among the group before Upton could go too far. However, the joke had already been made, and fans and Twitter users happily used it to mock Brady and Bündchen. It was quickly assumed that Upton was the “anti-Gisele” and praised for being a “supportive wife,” some suggesting Bündchen should ‘take notes.’ However, one TikTok user wondered whether Brady ordered the wrong “package for the supportive supermodel.”

TikTok users have seen more than 500,000 views of the viral clip since @lineups posted it on Sunday. Upton’s cheeky response drew comparisons with former power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, who recently announced their divorce.

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What Makes Kate Upton Different From Gisele Bündchen?

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

Kate Upton and Gisele Bündchen share a familiar spot; they are two successful supermodels who have (had) two very successful athletes as husbands. Despite this, Justin Verlander is aware that he may receive a deal that is the most lucrative of his career. It looks like he has found his sweet spot.

To keep playing football, Tom Brady abandoned Bündchen’s point of view. He never consulted his decision after the NFL announced his retirement. Brady has been absent as a husband and father for over a decade, and Upton is living a young marriage and does not have baseball on Christmas and her birthday.

Although the supermodel-to-wife-of-aging-athlete pipeline certainly lends itself to easy comparison, we don’t need to compare two completely different women-and two completely different relationships. In addition, Upton is married to a 39-year-old player who has not expressed any interest in retiring and does not get repeatedly swacked in the head by defensive tackles.

MBL network interviewed her after the game, and she said, “He is the most positive person I’ve ever met.” Late last week, MBL Network tweeted:

Verlander’s fans also praised her for supporting her husband’s career. Here are some comments from fans:

In addition to having two children, Bündchen is co-parenting a third with a 45-year-old who plays an injury-prone sport and goes back on his word. Furthermore, Bündchen has faithfully stood by him through over a decade of football games during their marriage. These two aren’t the same!

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