“I love William to bits”: Prince Harry Frustrated With Media Asking Questions About His Fight With Prince William, Wants Them To Focus On The Queen’s Passing

This September, a real tragedy came to pass. Queen Elizabeth, the legendary (more so because of the memes) monarch of the United Kingdom, passed away. The Queen breathed her last on 8 September 2022. The internet went berserk with many celebrating the long life of the UK’s longest reigning monarch, while some pointing out Britain’s imperial history. But more than the Queen’s death, a topic which has warranted more of the media’s attention recently is the feud between the grandsons of the Queen, Prince Harry, and Prince William. Meghan Markle’s tense relationship with the royal family is not a thing of yore and the tragedy brought the duke and duchess of Sussex back from the States.

A relationship beyond repair

Prince Harry and Prince Williams feud
Prince Harry and Prince Williams, reunited?

Anyone who is remotely related to the royal family knows how sour the relations between Prince Harry and Prince William, along with their respective spouses, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are.

It all started when Prince Harry got married to Meghan Markle. The Suits actor allegedly faced discrimination in the Royal Palace based on racial lines. The situation continued to spiral out of control until January 2020, when the two stepped back from their roles in the Royal Family.

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Prince Harry and Prince Williams come together to mourn the Queen

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince Williams, and Kate Middleton greeting mourners
Duty comes first

But in this time of need, the two brothers put forth a United front. As soon as the news of the Queen’s demise broke out, the two could be seen trying to work in tandem.

The brothers and their spouses walked out in a joint royal walkabout to greet mourners. But that is not where their solidarity ended. The two could be pictured walking Behind the Queen’s casket when it left Buckingham Palace.

William couldn’t make himself come to terms and said that walking in the procession was “very difficult” and “brought back memories”.

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Prince Harry – Focused on mourning the Queen

Prince Harry and Prince Williams focused on mourning the queen
Focused on mourning the Queen

With his actions, Prince Harry made it clear that they had left all their feuds behind for the moment. And he made sure that the message was received by the public at large. According to The Times of London, he told a friend last week, “People need to just stop talking about all this stuff and focus on my grandmother.”

According to sources, media coverage of the family’s discord allegedly “weighs on [William] a lot.” That is why putting the feud behind them is what the two brothers want to do at the moment.

Prince Harry once said, “I love William to bits.” Even if William may be “processing his grief and the death of his grandmother, rather than sitting there processing his relationship with Harry,” the brothers are still “trying their best” to keep the focus on mourning the Queen.

With hard times in the family, often personal feuds have to be set aside to come together and mourn someone equally loved by the whole family.

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Source: Page Six

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