“I should have done something and I didn’t”: Ex-Wife Debbie Rowe Blames Herself For The Death Of Michael Jackson, Says She Should Have Stopped Michael’s Painkiller Addiction

American Deborah Jeanne Rowe became famous as Michael Jackson’s wife. She is a dermatology assistant. Arnold Klein, a dermatologist, was treating Michael Jackson for vitiligo at the time, and that is how Rowe first became acquainted with the King of Pop. Nevertheless, after a predetermined amount of time had passed, the two individuals began dating each other. Subsequently, the two individuals began a family, which eventually grew to include two children.

Debbie Rowe, who is an actress, is married to Michael Jackson
Unseen pictures of Debbie Rowe, and Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe has not been this open with people for sure, so for her to speak on a TV show is bewildering,’  said a source close to the Jackson family.

Is it true that Debbie Rowe was equally to blame for Michael Jackson’s death?

According to reports, Michael Jackson’s family is “dumbfounded” by Debbie Rowe’s statement that she feels partly responsible for his death. Rowe was Michael Jackson’s ex-wife. According to The Sun.  Rowe, who is now 63 years old, stated in a new documentary that she wished she had been able to do more to help Michael Jackson after the doctor for whom she worked as a nurse got him hooked on painkillers.

However, It has been said that Jackson’s 92-year-old mother Katherine and 66-year-old brother Randy are “bewildered” by Rowe’s decision to speak out now. Rowe was a nurse at the time, and her former boss was the late dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein. 

Wife of Michael Jackson Debbie Rowe discusses her husband.
Debbie Rowe, ex -wife of Michael Jackson, talks about feeling responsible for his death.

It has been stated that Rowe admitted she “sucked as a human being” for not stopping Dr. Arnold Klein from giving patients their prescription medications. Rowe made the confession on the Fox episode of “TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?”

Rowe, true to her word on the show, fought back tears and felt bad and said I was just as terrible as Dr. Arnold Klein was. That’s very frustrating to me. Rowe continued by saying, I regret it more than I can say.

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The question of who exactly was responsible for Michael Jackson’s death is an open topic at this point

The statement made by Debbie Rowe sparked increased activity in the media.
Members of Michael Jackson’s family are shocked by Debbie Rowe’s Statement

In addition to it, one of the friends continued, stating that Debbie seemed to be Michael’s nurse around the clock. Some of them view her in a different light now that she has spoken her mind. In retrospect, it’s remarkable that she would bring up Klein on a show titled “Who Killed Michael Jackson?” and concede that she should have intervened in Klein’s client-handling tactics. It has caused them a great deal of distress. Katherine Jackson is becoming very riled up about it. The timing of Debbie Rowe’s decision to discuss that period of her life is puzzling to everyone, including her colleagues. To put it mildly, it is shocking and unsettling.

In 2009 a heart attack killed Michael Jackson in Los Angeles. In 2011, Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the patient propofol. LAPD detective Orlando Martinez said Jackson’s murder was “more difficult than Dr. Murray.” Martinez said, “Many individuals are to blame for his death, and there’s been no reckoning.”

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