“I started to realize how good it was for me”: Prince Harry Brings More Shame to Royal Family, Openly Admits He Loves Drugs to Get Over Past Trauma

Prince Harry has been dropping truth bombs on his readers through his new mémoire Spare. Along with several revelations regarding his s*x life, family drama, and his mother’s death, the Duke of Sussex even spilled the truth about his drug abuse. Following his mother’s death and teenage realization, Prince Harry became dependent on drugs. 

Prince Harry
Prince Harry speaks about using drugs

Speaking openly about initially trying psychedelics for recreational purposes, and soon getting addicted to them, the Duke brought more shame to the Royals. The extremely unusual behavior from a Prince is confessed as the most ordinary thing in the Duke’s life. Trying to overcome his psychological trauma, Prince Harry openly confesses about becoming dependent on drugs.

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Prince Harry’s Sense Of Belongingness Through Drugs

Among the many secrets spilled by Prince Harry, his confession about using illegal drugs is seemingly the most notorious one. In an interview with trauma expert Gabor Maté, the 38-year-old Duke mentioned in detail his initial use of drugs for recreational purposes and further getting dependent on them. “I started doing it recreationally and then started to realize how good it was for me.” Prince Harry mentioned. 

Prince Harry
The Duke of Sussex uses cocaine

Failing to find a purpose in his life, after losing his mother, Princess Diana, the Duke of Sussex simply wanted to experience a sense of belongingness. The 38-year-old explained vividly, how he used different drugs like cocaine, cannabis, and psychedelic mushrooms for different occasions. He mentioned, getting introduced to “black diamond mushroom chocolates” at Courteney Cox, the FRIENDS star’s house. Wherein the Prince “grabbed several, gobbled them, washed them down with tequila”. 

Moving forward, the Duke of Sussex stated, cocaine wasn’t a hard drug for him, it was more of a social activity that helped him feel involved in the family. The young Prince appreciated the effects of cocaine, although he mentioned witnessing changes in his mood and behavior. He liked how cocaine helped him get rid of negative feelings unlike therapy, which demands long waits and invasion questions. 

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Prince Harry’s Way Of Dealing With Traumas

Further, confessing about the psychological reasons that made him turn to drugs, Prince Harry spoke about his childhood trauma. Grieving his mother’s death and unsure what his future holds, the Duke of Sussex wanted to feel happy like his friends and numb his sadness. Thus, turning towards drugs was the only option that seemed fit for the young royal. 

Prince Harry
Prince Harry uses drugs to deal with trauma

I would say it is one of the fundamental parts of my life that changed me and helped me deal with the traumas and the pains of the past.” the Duke of Sussex confessed. Trying to break free from his trauma and considering himself a royal rebel, Prince Harry started using drugs in his late teens. Although he was reportedly photographed leaving nightclubs, paradoxically the attraction of the Press while being high was a forbidden status for the young Prince. 

Prince Harry
Prince Harry still grieves his mother’s death

Irrespective of the Duke penning down his true feelings in his mémoire, it was pretty obvious that he still struggles with his mother’s death. Drugs and similar psychedelics can only provide limited-time respite from grief. Thus failing to find a suitable solution for his anguish, Prince Harry compromised his health and Royalty to drugs. 

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Source: Page Six

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