“I think that’s terrible. He doesn’t deserve it”: Prince Harry Won’t Leave Meghan Markle Alone and Apologize to King Charles

The British royal family’s reconciliation now appears next to impossible, despite Prince Harry’s claims that he had no intention of harming his family’s image with his autobiography, Spare. More deeply than anyone could have expected, his memoir has become a hot topic of discussion among the public. Spare reportedly contains specific information about his royal family’s private matters.

The prince also recently issued a warning and a message to every member of his royal family in an interview with The Telegraph. Now, the royal biographer, Angela Levin told Julia Hartley-Brewer of Talk TV, that the Duke of Sussex “wants to win” in any confrontation with his family.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

The royal biographer has even voiced her opinion on the negotiating terms between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles III, prior to the coronation, claiming it won’t be successful. 

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Prince Harry ‘wants to win’ and won’t say ‘sorry’

According to the royal biographer, Angela Levin, the Duke of Sussex “wants to win” in any argument with his family. There are reports that the monarch has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to serve as a mediator between the royal family and the Duke. Regarding the same, Levin opined that negotiations between Prince Harry and the Firm before the coronation would not be successful because Meghan Markle’s husband now had a “knack” for interacting with the palace.

The Duke of Sussex, according to her, 

“I think that’s terrible [to negotiate] to give him good seats right at the front. He doesn’t deserve it. The important thing is that Harry can’t negotiate, he doesn’t want to give. He’s not somebody who will say: ‘Look, I’m sorry, let’s work together on this.”

Levin even believes that Prince Harry is more motivated to succeed and feels more assured that he can deal with the Royal Family.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Levin told Julia Hartley-Brewer of Talk TV, I think he won’t say yes or no right up until the last minute.”

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry stated in his memoir that drugs and alcohol were a big part of his adolescence. Because of his decision to reveal the secrets of the royal family, his popularity in his native country has fallen.

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Due to attacks on his father, King Charles III, brother Prince William, stepmother, and current Queen Consort Camilla, among others of the Royal family, the young prince has garnered a lot of attention.

Reconciliation between Prince Harry and the Royal family is impossible!

King Charles is scheduled to be crowned on May 6, but Pauline Maclaran, a professor at London’s Royal Holloway University, told AFP that “I can’t really see how” a family reconciliation is possible. She said, 

“He’s come out with so many things that are obviously offensive to members of his family, personal details that many people are arguing he didn’t need to put across.”

In his memoir, the Duke recalled an incident when his father left him all alone after breaking the news of his mother’s death. Prince Harry was only 12 years old when his mother passed away and his father did not embrace him but rather left him alone in his room.

According to Prince Harry, the king was “not cut out” to raise a child alone. He even admitted that he hadn’t spoken to his brother or father in “quite a while” and said he was no longer interested in working for the royal family.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William

The same went for his refusal to say whether he would go to his father’s coronation. He has stated that “the divide couldn’t be greater before this book.”

At the end of his memoir, there is a lengthy list of acknowledgments that spans two entire pages, but the royal family is not among them.

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