‘I understand why she’d want to throw that in my face’: Andy Cohen Reveals Meghan Markle Made Him Feel Terrible for Not Recognizing Her Before She Became a British Royal

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has her own way of making someone feel wrong about anything. The estranged royal family member had recently created a bit of trouble for Andy Cohen when she stated the fact that the duo had already met before their recent meeting which was way before she walked down the aisle with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle in Archetypes
Meghan Markle in Archetypes

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The former in a recent episode of her Spotify podcast, The Archetypes welcomed Cohen as their guest with the mother of two sharing the incident of how they met.

Andy Cohen Shared Meghan Markle’s Still The Same!

Andy Cohen
American host Andy Cohen [Credit: GettyImages]
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The 54-year-old American Radio and TV host, Andy Cohen is popularly known as the host and executive producer of Bravo’s late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live. He also serves as an executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise.

Being a popular personality, he shared his opinion on his show, Andy Cohen Live regarding meeting Meghan Markle, long before she became a royal by getting married to her now-husband, Prince Harry.

I understand why she would want to throw that in my face, basically,” he stated on his Wednesday show. “I understand, you know, you never forget how you were treated. You’re still the same person – she’s still Meghan Markle.”

Recalling the conversation he had with Markle, he shared how it was great meeting her however the fact that the two had already met got awkward.

Meghan Markle Gleeful After Recalling She Met Andy Cohen

Meghan Markle
American-born royal family member Meghan Markle

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The TV host explained her Archetypes podcast in which he was reminded by the royal they had already met with each other. When he greeted the royal as “nice to meet” her, she replied, “It’s good to see you. I’ve met you before, [but] you’ll never remember it.”

He added that she has previously appeared in one of the episodes of Watch What Happens Live which made him “a little worse.” He added, “She was gleeful in telling me, I have to say,” adding, “She was so happy to tell me that.”

They both met for the first time at a joint USA-Bravo event when she was a “huge fan.” They met once again when the Duchess stopped in Watch What Happens Live with her co-star Gabriel Macht from Suits in 2015.

Even though she was an unofficial guest on his talk show, she shared that she was not able to get “booked” on the popular series, Real Housewives franchise even though she wanted to.

“I was so eager to be on your show, because I was such a ‘Housewives’ fan at the time, and I just couldn’t get booked, Andy!” Markle stated while thanking her guest to appear on the show. Cohen loved the fact that she left the past admitting that it was “compelling and awkward.” 

The episodes of Archetypes are available on Spotify.

Source:  The Andy Cohen Live

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