‘I Use Mushrooms’: Joe Rogan Says Secret To Surviving Cancel Culture is Getting High & Not Giving a F*ck

American Podcaster Joe Rogan is quite famous for hosting The Joe Rogan Experience where he discusses current events, and comedy among other topics with a variety of guests. He was often being attempted by liberals to cancel out, though that attempt helped him in receiving millions of plays on Spotify. He is one of the most popular podcasters in the world who has the power to influence.

Joe Rogan
Podcaster Joe Rogan

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However, in a recent conversation with Lex Friedman, he revealed the secret that made him survive in the cancel culture which was so being pushed upon him in January this year.

Mushrooms Saved Joe Rogan From Getting Canceled

Joe Rogan
Comedian Joe Rogan

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Being one of the UFC commentators, Rogan takes special care of his physical conditioning. He acknowledges the idea of putting his body through distress to gain self-discipline that makes him fit. He is a passionate substance advocate and will continue to do so to maintain the self-discipline he requires for himself.

In a conversation with Lex Friedman on his podcast on July 4th, he revealed how the secret that helped him in canceling out by liberals. When the whole ordeal happened, he went into exercising and eating mushrooms every day for months which according to him helped the podcaster to go past it, that very few stars can endure.

Joe Rogan’s Racial Slur Controversy

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan apologized for using the racial slur

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Rogan has often been considered against the Liberals as he offers everyone to present their point of view, however that backfires him in a way. He’s giving voice to somebody who is polarizing makes him one as well. Back in January, a compilation video was widely shared online which documented Rogan using the N-word constantly without any context. That video received a lot of criticism during that time as a person who isn’t black is not supposed to say that word because it’s racist.

Though, Rogan didn’t care about that and felt comfortable saying that word in his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience sharing it to define his ideas instead of addressing a black person. However, he, later on, apologized through Instagram for using a racial slur sharing that was “the most regretful and shameful thing that I’ve ever had to talk about publicly.”

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