“I wanna buy the Earth and be King”: Kanye West Shocked Joe Rogan With Crazy Idea – He Wants to Hire World’s Smartest Scientists to Work on Mechanical Bees

Kanye West absolutely has the weirdest answers to almost every question even if it does not make any sense. His mind has a different way of dealing with situations which is what we can observe from the recent months when he was called out for his controversial remarks. Even though people all around the planet warned him about the consequences he would eventually have to face for his insensitive remarks, he kept on making the same mistakes.

Kanye West
American rapper, Kanye West

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While things continue to be on hold due to his low-key presence, here’s a throwback interview he did with Joe Rogan which even shocked the latter due to his ideology.

Kanye West Claims to Buy The Entire Earth in Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Joe Rogan and Kanye West
Joe Rogan and Kanye West in Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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In almost a three-hour long, free-associative interview with podcaster Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Kanye West shared his opinion on what he would do if he would become the leader of the free world.”

The rapper at one point in the interview claimed,

When I take the smartest people on the planet and make them work on mechanical bees.”

Well, if there’s any bizarre thing about the idea of working on mechanical bees, rest assured, as he had more to offer.

The 45-year-old controversial star went on to state,

“How much does the Earth cost? I’m gonna buy the entire Earth and be king.”

It surely shocked the podcaster who at many points in the interview had awful expressions and even got disappointed with what the rapper was doing. It would not be an exaggeration as he had often made headlines for all the wrong reasons. His recent comments went over the top which only impacted him greatly.

A Brief Note on Kanye West’s Insensitive Remarks He Shared in 2022

Kanye West
Infamous star, Kanye West

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The ex-husband of Kim Kardashian initially was called out for wearing White Lives Matter T-Shirt during his surprise Yeezy Fashion show in Paris last year. Things escalated more when he shared controversial statements on social media platforms and interviews hurting the sentiments of the Jewish community.

He kept on sticking to it sharing a series of threads in October last year which eventually resulted in a major loss to him as many brands cut their ties with him.

He made many furious when he openly addressed liking the German dictator, Hitler, and expressing his love for Nazis. According to Forbes, his billionaire status has now been shifted to millionaire with a $400 million fortune at the end of 2022. However, there are no signs of the rapper as of now after the series of anti-semitic meltdowns.

Source: JRE Podcast

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