“I was able to have had amazing doctors and nurses”: Nepo Baby Hailey Bieber Shamelessly Flaunted Her Privilege, Claimed Stroke Gave Her PTSD

Hailey Bieber recently made news when instead of defending her nepo baby status, she decided to flaunt her influential and rich roots and wore the tag with pride, literally, on a t-shirt. There is a heated ongoing debate over nepo babies – how much of their success is a result of their talent, and how much is just industry access because of their family members. Nepotism has always been a point of contention and everyone who bears its fruits defends it with their life and soul. Bieber is clearly one of those celebrities who is yielding the fruits without any significant talent to boast of.

Hailey Bieber suffers from PTSD after getting a MINI-stroke

Hailey Bieber suffers from PTSD and anxiety after a mini-stroke
Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber was recently a guest on The Run-Through With Vogue podcast where she talked about a mini-stroke that she had last year. Quite a few things that the 26-year-old confessed in the interview hinted at what a coddled person she has been all her life. She claimed,

“I struggled with a lot of anxiety after. I struggled with a little bit of PTSD of just like the fear of maybe it was gonna happen again. It was just a feeling that I was, like, I never want to experience that ever again. I mean, it was so terrifying, so jarring, so discombobulating in every single way that you could imagine.”

The model suffered from the said mini-stroke last year in March, while she was in Palm Springs.

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Hailey Bieber indirectly describes her privilege

Hailey Bieber flaunted her nepo baby status via a tshirt
No qualms in accepting her privilege

She further expressed gratitude to the medical team that was at her disposal at the time, naturally since she has no dearth of money.

“I’m just really grateful that I was able to have had amazing doctors, and nurses, and people that helped me get to the bottom of what actually happened. I look back at it and it could’ve been so much worse. So many worse things could have happened in that moment.”

Hailey Bieber flaunts her privilege
Hailey Bieber shared the story of her mini-stroke

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She further shared,

They found I had suffered a very small blood clot to my brain, which caused a small lack of oxygen, but my body had passed it on its own and I recovered completely within a few hours. Although this was definitely one of the scariest moments I’ve ever been through, I’m home now and doing well, and I’m so grateful and thankful to all the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me.”

Pair this confession with her nepo baby shirt stint and we get ourselves infuriated people. Bieber, who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, and the niece of Alec Baldwin, claimed that a mini-stroke and an internal blood clot that recovered on its own caused her PTSD which is a very serious condition. Using it as an ornamentation or as a means to gain attention has been flagged by many of the fans as a cheap plot for sympathy on part of this proud nepo baby.

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