“I was back there dropping demons”: Lil Nas X Stopped Live Concert For ‘Bathroom Emergency’, Asked Fans to Forgive Him For Taking a ‘Mean S—t’

Lil Nas X is probably the most hilarious and relatable celebrity of our time. The singer began his Long Live Montero tour last month and performed a concert in Atlanta on Thursday. His show was delayed due to an unavoidable circumstance and the message for the delay came from the singer himself. The singer spoke through his mic that he is going to be on the stage in a minute or two as he was dropping a deuce.

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X

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Lil Nas X had a “Bathroom Emergency” in a live concert

The American Rapper had to answer a nature’s call amidst a concert and just plainly spoke to the fans about it. A fan recorded the video of him talking from backstage and uploaded it to Twitter.

Lil Nas X
The Industry Baby rapper stopped his concert as he had a bathroom emergency.

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In the video, Nas can be heard talking to his fans from backstage. Lil Nas X revealed that this speech is indeed not a part of the show. He further continued, , because I’m gonna be a minute or two.” The clip has already gathered more than two and a half million views on Twitter alone.

The American Rapper reacted to his clip on Twitter

The Old Town Road singer took to his Twitter and reacted to his own clip going viral. He said people actually thought he was kidding while he “was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet.

The singer who is from Atlanta himself has already made it to multiple headlines this week. On Wednesday, Lil Nas asked people to stop doing party poppers at his concert. Party poppers contain a mixture that gives users a head rush, as well as muscle relaxation. He said, “stop doing poppers at my concert! u do not need ur a*****e relaxed to see me perform industry baby!

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas asked his fans to not bring party poppers to his concerts.

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Lil Nas X is all set to perform in Europe and the UK for his Long Live Montero tour this year.

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