“I was confused because I forgot he wasn’t gay”: Truth About Ryan Seacrest’s Dating Life Left Britney Spears Clueless

Britney Spears used to be quite a cheerful personality in the Hollywood industry who gained global stardom at a young age. Many fans can’t deny that her adorable personality was one of the factors that rose her to the top which somehow subsided following the strings of unpleasant events that happened in her life. From the 13-year-old conservatorship to the recent mental health claims, she has gone through a lot.

Britney Spears
American singer, Britney Spears

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While she has changed quite a lot now, fans are somewhat missing her old days. To witness the bubbly singer again, an old video resurfaced on the Internet where she was seen with Ryan Seacrest. The moment is quite hilarious due to her reaction to the host’s opinion on relationships.

Ryan Seacrest Unveiled A Detail About His Personal Life Which Surprised Britney Spears

Britney Spears with Ryan Seacrest and rapper, Will.i.am
Britney Spears with Ryan Seacrest and rapper, Will.i.am

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Britney Spears used to have the wrong impression about American host, Ryan Seacrest. Back in 2013, the singer and rapper, Will.i.am was interviewed by the latter on his iHeartRadio show.

At the time, the singer was promoting her 8th studio album, Britney Jean with the men discussing their relationships with women and their way of attracting their partners. The singer was in sitting in the middle of the two and her reaction was quite hilarious.

The American Idol host stated at the time,

 “I spray girls’ cologne on my pillows to make me think they’re there.”

The singer caught looking surprised at his answer and then mouthed the word “girl” as she turned her head from one to the other. Her reaction as per fans was the realization that the host is not gay.

Fans’ Reaction to Britney Spears’s Puzzling Reaction About Ryan Seacrest’s Dating Preferences

Britney Spears
Singer, Britney Spears

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Many fans couldn’t hold their opinions to themselves after watching the hilarious throwback video of the singer having a sense of realization over the Live! host’s dating preferences.

Fans took to Reddit and shared their opinions about her reaction and the whole situation that happened at the time.

One fan wrote, “I was confused watching this video because I forgot he wasn’t gay.”

Another commented, “Watching the gears turn in her head second by second is f**king amazing omg.”

A third one wrote, “I think about this every so often and laugh. Her reaction was so genuine. She really was taken aback lol.”

Her reaction was indeed priceless for fans however several commentators shared some might have misinterpreted her reaction. Seacrest had used the word “cologne” instead of “perfume” (a usual way of referring to scented body spray used by women) which could be what surprised the singer.

Source: Reddit

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