“I was fired right there”: Jennifer Lopez Fired Maid After Asking for Autograph, Claimed She Barged into Her Room Without Warning

Jennifer Lopez has quite a reputation in Hollywood due to her charismatic stage presence as an artist. Her acting and musical career rose her to the top establishing herself as one of the most influential personalities. With such overwhelming titles, it would be difficult for her to manage everything independently. That is the very reason she has a considerable number of staff taking care of herself.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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Even though her staff members are always taking care of her needs, there was a time when a German maid lost her job over the incident just a day after she encountered the famed actress at the hotel.

A German Maid Blamed Jennifer Lopez for Getting Fired From Her Job

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

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While the diva star has a long list of her staff members claiming to have been mistreated or overworked by her, there was an incident that alleged Jennifer Lopez for her dismissal. It happened at the Melia Dusseldorf when Pray Dodaj, cleaning staff at the hotel claimed that she was fired from her job after she approached the singer’s room to ask for a signature.

Speaking about her side of the story, she told a German newspaper, Bild that she indeed approached the singer to ask for her autograph,

“I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph.” 

However, she was turned away by two of her employees. She stated that her small courageous move heavily put her job in jeopardy as she was dismissed from her job.

“A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms. Lopez had complained,” she continued. “I was fired right there on the phone. Because of an autograph.”

However, things got more bizarre as the hotel and the singer addressed her claims stating it didn’t happen the way Dodaj was claiming at the time.

J.Lo Denied Having to Fire German Maid, Pray Dodaj On Requesting The Autograph

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

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There’s no way that the Selena actress would even do that, at least that’s what the hotel and she believes. A hotel staff revealed the dismissal of that maid stating,

“Fact is [the maid] did not at any time have direct or personal contact with Jennifer Lopez.. At no time, either Mrs. Lopez personally, or her staff, or the Hotel, asked for the termination of [the maid’s] contract.”

Even the singer stated at the time,

“C’mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph.”

While the actress herself addressed those claims as a source stated to TMZ at the time that there was indeed an incident happened involving a maid, though “it didn’t involve an autograph.”

The outlet reported, that the lady in question had “barged” into the singer’s room unannounced which immediately raised concern over the singer’s security. The report also shared that the hotel took care of the issue by relocating the maid to a different place which solved her dismissal complaint.

Source: TMZ

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