“I was ready to run if I had to”: Margot Robbie Was Scared For Her Life While Shooting the Brad Pitt Starrer Movie Babylon

Margot Robbie has the talent to capture everyone’s attention whenever she appears on the screen. Followed by her breakout role in the 2013 film Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie has portrayed versatile characters on screen. From playing Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots to portraying the former Olympic figure skater, Tonya Harding, she has effortlessly excelled at all her performances.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

While the Australian actress is magnificent every time she takes on a role, it’s not always easy to bring the output to the screen. Margot Robbie recently starred alongside Brad Pitt and Tobey Maguire in Babylon. The Suicide Squad star recently revealed the scene she was most nervous about while shooting.

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Margot Robbie Was Nervous About the Snake Fight Scene in Babylon

The 2022 comedy-drama, Babylon, follows the story of the rise and fall of several Hollywood stars in 1920. The film was released this week and had been receiving mixed reviews. However, Robbie once again shines as she portrays an aspiring actress, Nellie LaRoy in the 2022 film.

The cast of the 2022 film, Babylon sat down to discuss the film on Entertainment Weekly Around the Table. While discussing the film, Margot Robbie talked about the scene she was most nervous about. In one of the scenes of the film, her character Nellie LaRoy, has to fight with a large rattlesnake.

Margot Robbie in Babylon
Margot Robbie in Babylon

While these sorts of scenes usually involve using fake animals, the Bombshell star had to film a part of the fight scene with a real rattlesnake. Margot Robbie also revealed that there was no protection between her and the snake. This caused her to worry about what might happen if the snake bites her.

“I was like, ‘Well, where’s the closest hospital if I do get bit, and how long do I have before we don’t get to the hospital?’ He was pretty vague on the answer, too. I was like, ‘I would love some specificity on this one’.”

However, Robbie was ready with a backup plan. While discussing the scene, she said that she was ready to run just in case things don’t go accordingly.

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Li Jun Li Comes to Margot Robbie’s Rescue

Li Jun Li, who portrays Lady Fay Zhu in the 2022 film, also shared that she was nervous about the rattlesnake scene. Followed by Robbie’s fight with the rattlesnake, Li Jun Li’s character had to suck the venom from Nellie’s neck after she gets bit.

She praised Robbie as she said, “I don’t know how you kept a straight face when [I sucked the venom], you laid there so still.” She shared that while filming the scene the director, Damien Chazelle kept telling her to ‘Suck harder.’

Li Jun Li in Babylon
Li Jun Li in Babylon

“And, I’m just thinking, ‘Oh, my God, this is so embarrassing.’ And, all I could think about was…,” the Front Cover star shared. Listening to her explanations Brad Pitt joked saying, “The worst direction I’ve ever received: ‘Suck harder’.”

She further said that the whole time she wanted to apologize to Robbie. “I really wanted to just say, ‘I’m so sorry, Margot. I’m so sorry,” Li Jun Li said.

Babylon is playing in theatres.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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