“I was really happy when he was arrested”: Andrew Tate “Lied” About Hooking up With a Star, Allegedly Forced Her For a Photo

Actress Karishma Sharma is a popular personality in the entertainment world for her roles in several Indian web series and feature films. The actress is also fairly active on social media, where she has a respectable following. Sharma makes it a point to update her followers on both the personal and professional fronts. Now, Karishma Sharma recently opened up about social media influencer Andrew Tate’s viral video, in which he discussed his alleged “hook-up incident” with the actress. She described Tate as a “scumbag” in an interview with Hindustan Times, where she made it clear that she had never hooked up with him.

Karishma Sharma

The Romanian authorities have been holding Tate and his brother Tristan Tate since last month due to allegations of s*xual assault and human trafficking. Since the arrest, he has become a hot topic among netizens, and amidst the buzz, new rumors about his linkup with the Ujda Chaman actress are now widely known.

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Karishma Sharma opens up on claims of ‘hooking up’ by Andrew Tate!

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s altercation with social media influencer Andrew Tate has resulted in extra criticism; this time, it comes from Ujda Chaman actor Karishma Sharma. She now has vehemently denied Tate’s allegations in response to an image of her and him that has been making the rounds online and to a video in which he describes his “hook-up incident” with the actor. Sharma even insisted that she had a normal conversation with Tate after they met at a party in a Mumbai hotel. They shared a few shots, and he even informed the actress that his mother is Indian. 

Karishma Sharma and Andrew Tate
Karishma Sharma and Andrew Tate

“It’s not a thing of shame if you ever hooked up with someone,” the Ragini MMS: Returns star said in response to people judging her for this incident. “I would be more than okay to (admit). After 6 years, out of nowhere, he posted this. It gave me a lot of anxiety as this (whatever Tate claims) never happened. I don’t know why people are looking at me with that eye of judgment.” 

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Sharma further claimed Tate was lying and they never hooked up. She merely wanted to express her side so that people would be aware that he is a liar who spreads lies. He merely seeks attention. She was so relieved when he was arrested. “He is lying,” the Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 actress declared. “We never hooked up. I just wanted to come out and share my side, so that people know that he is a scumbag spreading lies and just wants attention. I was really happy when he was arrested.” 

Andrew Tate brainwashes younger men to dislike women

The actress revealed that Andrew Tate insisted on taking a photo of her when he learned she was an actor. It went viral. He shared some strange and offensive texts on Instagram. She disconnected and blocked him as soon as she realized he was a creep. His hatred of women is unwavering. The way he spoke about them bothered her. She stated that he craved attention. “I don’t like to get myself into controversies,” she said as she wrapped up. “He is brainwashing younger men to dislike women.” For those who don’t know, 36-year-old British-American Andrew Tate is quite well-liked on social media. He and his brother Tristan Tate were first taken into custody on December 29, 2022, in the north of Bucharest, the country’s capital.

Andrew Tate brainwashes younger men to dislike women
Andrew Tate brainwashes younger men to dislike women

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In terms of her professional career, Karishma Sharma has appeared in a number of web series, including Ragini MMS: Returns and Hum – I’m Because of Us. She has additionally appeared in a number of popular Indian films, including Super 30 and Ek Villain Returns.

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