“I wouldn’t even wear some of that as an adult”: Victorious Star Daniella Monet Accuses Nickelodeon For Sexualizing Young Actresses, Proves Dan Schneider Was Harvey Weinstein 2.0

Daniella Monet is an American singer and actress. She originally gained notoriety for her roles as Rebecca Martin on the Nickelodeon drama television series Zoey 101 and Megan Kleinman on the CBS sitcom ‘Listen Up!’. Her role as Trina Vega on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious served as her breakthrough performance. She later provided the voice of Mitzi in the Nickelodeon animated series Winx Club. The actress recently spoke up about her experience with Nickelodeon, especially about the time she was playing the role of Trina Vega on Victorious. The actress had a lot to reveal including unethical behavior towards the stars.

Daniella Monet talks about her experience on Nickelodeon

Daniella Monet
Daniella Monet

The Nickelodeon celebrity, Daniella Monet recently alleged that her experience working for the kids’ network wasn’t altogether moral behind the scenes. The actress, who performed the role of Trina Vega on Victorious from 2010 to 2013, spoke about her opinion of the difficulties young performers encounter working for Dan Schneider, the former network showrunner.

She told Insider that although her time on the show was mostly “very PC, funny, silly, friendly, chill” every “once in a while” she encountered situations that made her uncomfortable. “Do I wish certain things, like, didn’t have to be so sexualized? Yeah. A hundred percent.” The celebrity had said while recalling the moments when she felt things were too inappropriate for a teen show.

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Dan Schneider sexualized young stars

Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider

According to the report backed by Daniella Monet, Dan Schneider, the creator of Victorious, frequently instructed the young Nickelodeon actors to dress in “skimpier options” or “whatever was the most revealing.” The actress deemed the outfits “not age-appropriate.” She even said, “I wouldn’t even wear any of stuff today as an adult,” which shows the severity of the situation and her feelings towards the unethical behavior.

Dan Schneider had already been involved in rumors that he fetishized young actresses’ feet and that he was abusive to staff members. In an interview with The New York Times, he had referred to the accusations as crazy adding, “The comedy was totally innocent.” But with claims of stars not feeling comfortable around him, it does not seem to be the case.

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More controversies regarding Nickelodeon have surfaced

Jennette McCurdy
Jennette McCurdy

The series isn’t the only Nickelodeon program presently dealing with complaints of bad and inappropriate working conditions from its former stars. iCarly actress Jennette McCurdy and Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas also made a statement regarding the alleged mistreatment of actresses by the network earlier this year.

Jennette McCurdy, 30, described multiple times in her new memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died where she felt “exploited” as a teen performer both on and off set. Throughout the memoir, the actress referred to the source of the demands as “The Creator” although she never gave their full name. Despite being promised $300,000 to “never talk publicly about your experience at Nickelodeon”, the actress allegedly declined the hush money right away. She said that she did not want to be bought off to remain quiet about unethical activities, especially in relation to a network that was overrun with kid-friendly programs.

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