Iconic Movie Characters So Hard To Kill We Suspect They Might Be Immortal

Action movie heroes are written into the story in such ways that they seem pretty invincible. But these iconic action movie characters take things up a notch. the way they cheat death makes us think they just might be secretly immortal.

John Wick

Source: Lionsgate

Stab him, shoot him, or slash him up – John Wick never stays down. He can kill a giant with nothing but a book. He slaughters men twice his size with a pencil. John Wick, throughout the three John Wick movies, has taken ridiculous amounts of damage, only to shrug it off and keep shooting forward. Even when the entire world turns against him, John Wick escapes comparatively unscathed. No normal man could sustain the toil and strain he suffers through on a daily basis. Who knew losing your dog would make you this invincible?

James Bond

Source: Dr. No

James Bond regularly squares off against megalomaniacs and dictators. No tyrant, no matter how much resources he or she has at their disposal, has ever bested James Bond. Her Majesty’s Secret Service sure does know how to make its agents indestructible. James Bond has been poisoned and almost castrated. He has been shot and stabbed. He was almost cut in half by a high power laser. And yet he still stands. To be frank, we never saw Daniel Craig’s Bond’s dead body in No Time To Die. We are pretty sure if England demands it, James Bond will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Indiana Jones

Source: Paramount Pictures

The guy is supposed to a an ordinary history professor. But he just so happens to be an invincible explorer as well. from snake pits to poison darts, from giant boulders to bloodthirsty Nazis and man-eating ants of the Amazon, Indiana Jones has survived everything. Indy did it before Bear Grylls made it cool. Even when significantly older, he managed to survive a literal nuclear explosion. Not many could boast of such amazing feats.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Captain Jack Sparrow loves his rum. But he loves cheating death and escaping by a hair’s breadth even more. throughout the course of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow escaped undead pirates, the entire British Empire, and even the Flying Dutchman. He just might be the world’s greatest con-man because he has conned death quite a few times. Even the Kraken couldn’t keep him dead. Jack Sparrow keeps returning to the land of the living over and over again.

Chev Chelios

Source: Lionsgate

Jason Statham plays Chev Chelios in this insane 2006 action flick. The movie shows us Chelios being injected by a special poison that would kill him unless Chev keeps his heart rate amped up. The movie makes no semblance of sense whatsoever. Over the course of the first movie, Chev intentionally gets into car accidents and explosions, and even jumps from a helicopter to land atop a car just to pump enough adrenaline into his system. In the second movie, Chev gets his heart stolen and replaced by an artificial one that needs constant recharge. Does things get crazier? Hell yeah. Does Chev die? We don’t think he can even if he wanted to.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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