Iconic Movies Franchises & The Scene Fans Know Is The Moment Everything Went Downhill

While these movie franchises are still beloved and adored by all, they did have their jump the shark moments that eventually led to their downfall. Things were never as good again.

Spider-Man 3 – Peter Parker Dances Into The Jazz Club

Evil Peter Parker

This scene is testament to the fact that directors and filmmakers should not be left totally unsupervised. The Evil Peter Parker already had cult classic dance moves that are still top notch meme material. But the fact that the movie failed to rein it in a bit was what led to Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man movies’ jump the shark moment. It was after this moment fans realized the Spider-Man movies were going down under.

Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones Survives An Atomic Explosion By Hiding Inside A Lead Lined Fridge

Indy’s Nuke Escape

Indiana Jones has come in contact with the power of God and even met the Knights Templar. He has fought Nazis, man-eating ants, and communists. But no Indiana Jones’ ‘harrowing escape from the jaws of death’ scene comes even close to Indiana Jones: The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. On the run from a bunch of KGB henchmen, Indiana Jones takes refuge in a ‘town’ which is actually a huge prop  for testing an atomic explosion. Indiana Jones escapes the blast from a literal point blank range by hiding himself inside a lead lined refrigerator. No matter how make believe Indy’s movies are, this just did not sit with the fans.

James Bond – Pierce Brosnan’s Bond Rides A CGI Tsunami Wave

Brosnan’s Die Another Day

Die Another Day is one of the weakest entries to the James Bond franchise. And it were scenes like these that reinforces it. In Die Another Day, the 007’s rocket melts a glacier and leads to a huge icy water tsunami. But since it is James Bond we are talking about, he manages to MacGyver the living daylights out of it. Using a piece of rocket and a parachute, James Bond creates a working sail and rides the CGI Tsunami Wave like a boss. At that point of time, Die Another Day seemed more like a parody of the Bond movies rather than being the real deal.

The Lost World – Jeff Goldblum’s Daughter Kills A Bloodthirsty Raptor With Gymnastics

The Lost World

This was probably the dumbest moment in the entire Jurassic Park trilogy. When a raptor threatens the lives of everyone, Dr. Ian Malcolm’s gymnast daughter shows gymnastics can also be a toll of the wicked. using a makeshift bar, she builds up enough speed to kick the raptor out of a higher vantage point and impale it on a wooden spike. Imagine you have run out of ideas so much that you think a girl with rudimentary knowledge of gymnastics can take down a raptor, the Jurassic era’s greatest and one of the most intelligent predators. This scene was dumb as well as disrespectful to the legacy of the earlier Steven Spielberg movies.

Superman III – Artificial Kryptonite Turns Superman Into A D-Bag

Jerk Superman

Superman III is the perfect example of how a superhero movie should never be told. After being hit with synthetic kryptonite infused with tar, Superman turns into a total jerk. He drinks and parties like a brat and does all kinds of childlike shenanigans like straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Superman III was how the franchise lost it, eventually going completely insane with Superman IV: Quest For Peace.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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