“I’d be hand-cuffed, fingerprinted, imprisoned”: Anthony Daniels Was Scared for His Career After Nearly Getting Arrested at Oscars

The Oscars is a mega annual event in Hollywood that happens every year and celebrates the new contribution happening across the world in the entertainment industry. While many often end up making overwhelming happy moments at the event, Anthony Daniels might not remember the Academy Awards like others. This is because his memory of the Oscars is quite an unforgettable and unpleasant one!

English actor, Anthony Daniels
English actor, Anthony Daniels

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The Star Wars actor released his memoir in 2019 titled, I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story which explores the behind-the-scenes of his days at the franchise behind the golden mask that made him popular. In the memoir, he also recalled an incident where he was almost arrested that happened back in 1977.

Anthony Daniels Recalls an Unpleasant Memory of Oscars Night!

English actor, Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels recalls his Oscars moment when he was almost arrested 

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The 77-year-old actor, Anthony Daniels is highly recognized for playing C-3PO, a humanoid robot character in Star Wars films. He is deemed as the only actor who has either been involved or has appeared in all theatrical films in the series. Not just that, he is also involved in many spin-offs which include television series, video games, and radio serials.

Back in 1977, the first Star Wars film garnered much appreciation and 10 Oscars nominations. From that, the franchise bagged six competitive awards on the night in technical categories. However, the actor had a narrow escape in getting arrested as he had a bad encounter with the police. The situation happened a while after he took over the stage in his character’s outfit. Soon after his performance, he went back to his normal avatar rather than roaming like a golden droid.

In his memoir, he explained,

“My personal guard reluctantly let me go off by myself. I left him to watch all my stuff, including the rather unappealing badge they’d given me. It looked like some kind of radiation alarm and certainly didn’t go with my smart clothes.”

Having done changing into his suit, he left an elevator and found “a fully weaponized police officer” blocking his way to exit the place. It looked like the police officer had no idea that Daniels was not a “gate-crasher” but the talent behind the golden mask as they threatened to arrest the star.

How Did Anthony Daniels Escape from The Dangerous Situation?

Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels [Courtesy: Getty Images]
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Things were about to take a bizarre turn as the star started thinking about the worst-case scenario that could have affected his future. He wrote in the memoir,

“Time stopped. My future life flashed in front of me. I’d be hand-cuffed, fingerprinted, imprisoned with who-knew-who, my professional life over, left a laughing stock.”

While he thought that his imagination might become his reality, he saw an opening when the officer was diverted by something else. He took advantage of the rare opportunity as he stated,

“Without even looking, I stepped neatly backwards [into the elevator] and pushed a button.”

The officer tried to stop him from escaping, but it was futile.

“When he turned around, it was too late for his boot to stop my escape. By the time he’d raced up the stairs to the next level, I was clinging gratefully to my personal minder and flashing my badge at everyone.”

Though his narrow escape was quite impossible at the moment, it was indeed a memorable memory for him. Since then, he has flashed his golden outfit on various occasions with several being at the Oscars show itself.

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