“I’d find that hard to believe”: Tom Brady Reportedly Going Celibate After Gisele Bündchen Divorce to Focus on NFL Career at 45

Since Tom Brady decided to return to the NFL, rumors of conflict between him and his now ex-wife Gisele Bündchen have been circulating. He has really dominated news coverage over the last few weeks. Since the beginning of the year, Brady has not been at his brilliant best in his footballing career, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have struggled with a 6-7 record.

At the same time, his marriage to Gisele Bundchen, his now ex-wife, broke down after more than a decade of marriage. Brady has reportedly moved on, despite the fact that it is unknown what his mental state is or whether it is affecting his performance. Well, in the recent Hollyweird Squares show on Wednesday, Howard Stern and Chris Russo discussed what’s going on with Tom Brady.

The two men discussed about the quarterback’s past relationship. It was the hot topic of what at first seemed like a harmless conversation about moving on. 

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
Gisele Bundchen Reportedly Spearheaded Divorce with Tom Brady

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Howard Stern and Chris Russo discuss Tom Brady’s sex life post-divorce

Howard Stern and Chris Russo did not hold back when talking about Tom Brady’s life post his divorce, both professionally and personally.  This has undoubtedly become a very hot topic between the two. Stern was eager to learn whether Brady still has sex with other women after his divorce or if he has stopped doing so since he and his ex-wife split up. Well, according to Russo, Brady wants to only focus on his career and football despite the Buccaneers’ miserable season. He further added, “I would find that hard to believe.”

Also, the two men agreed that the NFL player is both attractive and a legend of American football. 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

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How Tom Brady responded to his divorce from Gisele Bundchen

Now that we all know that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have finalized with their divorce, it’s time to think about when he will return to his winning ways. We also know how challenging and stressful it can be to experience a situation like this. Brady can actually concentrate more on his career.

Despite having a difficult year, Brady can now fully concentrate on finishing the current season as well as possibly continuing to play in the upcoming one. Bundchen’s happiness is no longer something he has to worry about. His children and team will be his only priorities moving forward. 

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Now that Tom Brady is divorced, obtaining his eighth Super Bowl ring may become a healthy obsession. After 13 years of marriage, the famous couple divorced in October. The mother of two, Gisele Bündchen was spotted in Costa Rica after her highly publicized split from Brady. She was seen with jiu-jitsu coach Joaquim Valente.

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