“I’d have about 10 kids and married five times”: Gisele Bündchen Slammed Dating Chris Evans Rumors After Breaking Up With Leonardo DiCaprio, Claimed She Heard About Him Only 2 Hours Back 

While Gisele Bündchen may be one of the world’s most famous supermodels, she was just a first love for many of her boyfriends who dated her before her rise to fame. In the 2000s, Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bündchen had a long-term relationship that lasted for over five years. Many fans were shocked to learn that they had broken up, as they looked adorable together. The beauty was the talk of the town before she married Tom Brady, a heartthrob football player.

Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen

She revealed in an interview that she began experiencing panic attacks in her 20s even though her career was flourishing. After her breakup with DiCaprio, speculation arose that she had moved on with another famed actor, Chris Evans.

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Gisele Bündchen And Chris Evans: Did They Ever Get Together?

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen has dated several famous men throughout her modeling career, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Hartnett, and of course, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, whom she was married to from 2006 to 2022. While Bündchen has been linked to several actors, models, and athletes, Chris Evans has never been on that list.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

In an interview with Arena Magazine in 2008, Bündchen said,

“If everything that’s written about me was true, I’d have about 10 kids and I’d be married five times, one of them with some actor named Chris Evans, whose name I heard for the first time two hours ago.”

During 2006, the Bündchen-Evans saga gained momentum. However, there was no evidence to support the claim. As of yet, there are no images of them together, no solid reports, and no confirmation from either Bündchen or Evans. By 2008, the supermodel had cleared up the misunderstanding and flattened all the rumors.

Although she officially dissolved the 13 years marriage with her husband and NFL player Tom Brady last month, the couple plans to co-parent together.

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The Change In Gisele Bündchen After Her Divorce From Tom Brady

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady
Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

During a Costa Rican vacation, Gisele Bündchen looks unrecognizable after filing for divorce from Tom Brady. To avoid further media scrutiny after the split was announced late last month, Bündchen immediately went on vacation with her children. While going through a divorce can be traumatic, and it has been a long time since she modeled regularly, the Brazilian looked so different.

According to a source, she looked two or three pounds overweight and had messy hair on vacation. Although this was an overreaction for dramatic effect, it was a new image of the model for the public. Bündchen is looking forward to moving beyond the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback after she modified a tattoo she had in honor of her former husband.

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